Call of Duty Mobile Anniversary Events Leaked

As of writing, Call of Duty Mobile is currently in its tenth season. Next month, the game will be achieving its first year anniversary in the mobile gaming industry thus, fans are expecting that Call of Duty Mobile’s eleventh season will be full of celebratory events.

Based on rumors, the special anniversary season of CODM will be filled with a lot of huge events. Reports are also suggesting that the Halloween event is making a comeback. In addition, November will also see the launch of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.

The release of the new installation to the main Call of Duty franchise will also have its effects on CODM as well. For instance, Frank Woods – a character from Black Ops Cold War – will be released on the mobile game as an epic character.

As the Halloween event returns, rumors also suggest that other subsidiary events will make a comeback. Zombies mode was taken out of CODM after Season 4 because the developers noticed that players were not playing the mode which made it a failure upon release.

With Black Ops currently being developed by Treyarch and zombies making a return to Call of Duty, players might encounter these brain eaters during CODM’s eleventh season.

New perks

There will also be new perks to be introduced next season such as:

    • Overkill – allows players to carry two primary weapons rather than a secondary weapon
    • Restock – restores an extra Combat Axe and equipment recharges every 20 seconds

New weapons

A new weapon called 48 Dredge LMG has been discovered by data miners and is confirmed to come to the game at a later date. The M249 LMG is also rumored to make its way to CODM soon.


Other leaks

A YouTube video uploaded a few hours ago also revealed a few new characters will be coming to the game as confirmed on data mined files. A few of these characters are related to Black Ops Cold War which will be released on the same timeframe as CODM Season 11. These characters are:

    • Alex Mason
    • Grigori Weaver
    • Dimitri Petrenko
    • Bruce Harris

The current season’s battle pass still has 25 days left. This means players can expect the anniversary season to kick off in early October.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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