Call of Duty: Mobile Headquarters – Tips to Win The New Game Mode

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 10 The Hunt has finally arrived and with it comes a new game mode – Headquarters. This new mode is quite similar to Hardpoint and Domination as teams take on each other to control specific areas on the map to earn points and win.

However, the team who captured the headquarter will not be able to respawn when they are killed. Aside from this, each headquarter can only be captured once and will not be captured by the enemy team, only destroyed.

All of these factors add a new sense of adventure and experience that requires teamwork and strategy. Here are a few tips to help you dominate Headquarters Mode:

Secure the Location

If a headquarter hasn’t been captured yet, it is still okay to storm the area since players will still be able to respawn. Holding down the headquarter is your top priority since this is the only way to earn points and win. It only takes several seconds for the headquarter to show up so utilize this time to secure the area and plan your strategy.

Hold Down the Fort

Once the team captures the headquarters, the team will have to defend it for as long as they could since respawn will not be available until the headquarter is destroyed. However, the enemy team will continue getting unlimited respawns thus, it will only take some time before the captured headquarter is overrun.

Players can defend the headquarters by using Molotov, deploying thermites, trip mines, and cryo grenades at the entrances to stop enemies from entering the area. Players can also equip the Flak Jacket perk to repel incoming grenades that the opposing team might throw.


Destroy the base

If the enemy team captures the headquarter, you and your team must destroy it as soon as possible. Rather than storming the location, consider throwing grenades before going in to disorient the opposing team.

Try and communicate with the rest of the team so you can attack from various locations at the same time. If your Operator Skill is fully charged, this is the best time to use it.

Weapon Selection

Most of the headquarter locations are situated inside rooms and other closed areas. This means close-quarter combat weapons like a shotgun or SMG will be really helpful in both offensive and defensive strategies.

Utilize the gunsmith to equip attachments that can speed up Aim Down Sights and guarantee that your gun has extended ammo as well.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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