Call of Duty Mobile Reveals Mythic Fennec SMG Launch Date

The consistently growing nature of Call of Duty Mobile leads to frequent additions of new weapons, game modes, and maps. A new weapon rarity has been long teased to arrive in the game in the near future, and the first gun to have the exclusive rarity attached to it will be the Fennec SMG.

The fast-killing Fennec submachine gun is not going to have a power boost through its mythic rarity, which should come as a reprieve to a lot of players that have been instantly killed by the weapon. Instead, the mythical Fennec releasing on November 6 will make the gun more visually attractive through evolving cosmetics.

Taking a similar approach as the reactive camo from Call of Duty Black Ops 4, the Fennec will be consistently changing its appearance as a match goes on. While the developers have yet to confirm how the SMG will change its colors, killing enemies seem to be the trigger the effect given its similarities to the Black Ops 4 camo as well as Modern Warfare’s pumpkin heads.

The official Twitter account of Call of Duty Mobile recently posted a teaser trailer of the mythical weapon which feature s various attachments installed to the gun as its colors change to blue, red, and orange. The weapon’s overall appearance looks really stylish compared to other camouflage options that currently exist within the game, and this mythic gun will most likely be desired by fans of the Fennec SMG.

In a community update posted on Reddit that explained Call of Duty Mobile’s Undead Fog event, mythic rarity weapons were confirmed to exist beyond the Fennec. With the “brand new rarity level all about badass cosmetics,” they are likely a lot more mythic items and weapons on the way for Call of Duty Mobile.

The development team also revealed that the new mythic rarity will extend beyond just guns, so battle royale equipment and vehicles might receive mythic variants in the future as well. One candidate for the next mythic gun is the overpowered NA-45 sniper rifle, as the weapon has been removed from competitive play the day it was launched.

While the gun will obviously nerfed and made legal during competitive matches soon, a mythic variant to celebrate its release would be a fun nod. Nonetheless, it is worth noting that how exactly the mythic Fennec SMG can be acquired remains uncertain. A standalone purchase, random loot boxes, or some kind of in-game quests are all possible ways to get the new weapon rarity.

Regardless of how fans will obtain the mythic weapon later this week, its new rarity should shake things up inside Call of Duty Mobile. With more than 300 million downloads of the game since its launch, it’s safe to conclude that a lot of players will be attempting to obtain the exclusive skin of the Fennec SMG.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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