Capcom Confirms Return of Mercenaries Mode In Resident Evil Village

Mercenaries mode will return in Resident Evil Village after its absence in Resident Evil 7. Capcom announced this during the Resident Evil Showcase. While the Mercenaries mode is not connected to the main plot, it uses the same characters and stages for arcade-style missions.

The first Mercenaries mode debuted in Resident Evil: Nemesis and was named after the story’s playable Umbrella mercenaries. The Mercenaries mode adds action to the Resident Evil games, with the goal is reaching various points in the game while shooting down any enemies that get in the way.


In story mode, though, the player must still preserve ammunition and healing items. Surprisingly, the Mercenaries mode was left out of the Resident Evil 3 sequel, despite the fact that Resident Evil Resistance was supposed to take its place.

At yesterday’s Resident Evil Showcase event, new specifics about the upcoming Resident Evil Village were announced, including information about the game’s upcoming new demo. According to the PlayStation channel, the Mercenaries mode is returning in Resident Evil Village (the unique segment was posted to the GameTrailers YouTube channel). The mode will not be unlocked until the player has completed the game, but once it has, the player will freely fire through armies of monsters.

All new features will be included in the Resident Evil Village edition of the Mercenaries mode. Between levels, the player will be able to visit the Duke and buy new weapons and improvements. In the game, the player will customize their loadout of weapons and pieces, allowing them to select the right choices for their playstyle.

During gameplay, players can also unlock abilities that boost their physical skills or enhance their weapons’ power. The Mercenaries mode is designed to put the player’s abilities to the test by pitting them against the game’s monsters in fast-paced fights.

There was speculation that the Mercenaries mode, which was absent in Resident Evil 7, would not appear in Resident Evil Village. Since the previous mainline title was based on the gameplay’s survival horror elements, it made sense to leave it out. The Mercenaries mode makes sense to return to Resident Evil Village, which takes action back to the game in a major way.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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