Capcom went from the best in the world to a rough patch just a few days ago. On top of the global pandemic delaying Monster Hunter Rise, the company also became the victim of a major hack.

A few days ago, the hacker group Ragnar Locker tried to penetrate Capcom’s data with ransomware. Sadly, the hacking was successful and a lot of information was stolen. Capcom released a press release soon after the incident, confirming that experts are now looking to what had been stolen.

A ransom has been given to the company for $11 million worth of bitcoin as Capcom was struggling to look for everything that was taken. A more recent statement from the Japanese gaming giant provided an update, explaining in more detail what was jeopardized.

The update on the hack has verified some of the worst. Financial data, sales reports as well as personal information of staff and employees have been taken. As of writing, Capcom guaranteed that there was no customer credit card information stolen during the mishap.

However, this is of little consolation to Capcom employees, who have probably had a lot more private information, including passports and addresses, stolen by the hacker group. There are also verified reports of some of the private information being leaked on the web already, so the threat is not empty.

Much of the data possibly compromised has been from the Japanese operations center of Capcom. However, about 14,000 items from its North American store are believed to have also been compromised.

The company is already doing what it can to assist employees who may be exposed from the recent hack through a dedicated phone line. However, this phone line is assigned to Japan only, so concerned consumers from other regions will have to find another way. Capcom suggests going through their traditional customer service.


The consequences of a hack as massive as this one are horrifying for anyone working at Capcom. In addition to private information that is verified to be made public, details about future games were also compromised.

This information has started to be disseminated via the internet which discusses upcoming Capcom projects such as Resident Evil 4 coming to Oculus VR and that an Ace Attorney Collection is coming to the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

While there is no update on the rest of the new Resident Evil games, one more intriguing information has emerged. A project named Guillotine is supposedly scheduled for release this February for the Nintendo Switch and on other platforms in May.

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