Free-to-Play MMORPG Caravan Stories is Heading to the Nintendo Switch

Caravan Stories is an MMORPG that was initially released exclusively on the PlayStation. However, recent news shows that the free-to-play title is going to be released on the Nintendo Switch as well.

Developer Aiming had an anniversary stream last November 28 where it announced this exciting news. Unfortunately, the studio didn’t reveal a lot of information i.e. the Switch version doesn’t have a launch date just yet, plus Aiming hasn’t shared any screenshots or video footage.

With that in mind, it’s highly possible that this port is still very early in development, so there’s not a lot to showcase just yet. Similar to other MMORPG titles out there, Caravan Stories is set in an awe-inspiring fantasy world.

There are six playable races for players to choose from, namely the Ork, Elf, Human, Gessy, Dwarf, and Lizardman. Naturally, each race is unique and has its own special capabilities.

Caravan Stories gives its players different options depending on how they want to experience the game. Thus, there’s a solo mode, a co-op mode, as well as a PvP mode. That being said, it also has similar mechanics to mobile RPGs in that it gives players the option to auto-battle.

However, it also requires some thought and strategy, as players have to decide when to use their character’s skills. For those who don’t want to adventure and fight alone, they can team up with other players in order to battle powerful bosses during raids.

What makes Caravan Stories interesting though is its taming system, which allows players to tame and add over 100 species of beasts to their party. In a way, it’s kind of similar to how the Black Desert MMORPG has pets that help players during battle one way or another.

Caravan Stories has a charming painted art style that looks like a lovely mesh of both Bravely Default and Xenoblade Chronicles, two well-loved JRPGs. Of course, this game may not be at the same level as those two aforementioned titles, but one can’t really complain because it’s free-to-play after all.


Caravan Stories initially launched on mobile platforms some time in 2017, but the English release for the game came much later. Specifically, the English localization was released for the PlayStation 4 in September of 2019.

That being said, the game’s MetaCritic scores haven’t been great, with a user score of only 4.6 at the time of writing. Although perhaps Aiming has greatly improved the game since then, so we’re hoping that the Nintendo Switch version will be significantly better.

On the bright side, Caravan Stories has relaxing background music that players can enjoy as they traverse the game’s world. This is one aspect of the game that fans enjoyed and appreciated.

One thing that some players didn’t like, however, is its microtransactions, as this felt somewhat intrusive to the gameplay. Caravan Stories wasn’t as well-received as other free-to-play MMORPGs like miHoYo’s Genshin Impact.

However, this might be Aiming’s chance to polish the game as best as possible so that more gamers will realize that Caravan Stories has the potential to be great — it just needs a little more refining.

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