Catopia: Rush is Looking for Android Beta Testers Starting Later This Month

The mobile title Catopia: Rush by Supercolony is set to release before the year ends. Before it gets fully released though, the developer is looking for Android beta testers in order to check out the game first.

Interested participants can sign up to beta test the game through an online Google form. Before you get to submit the form, you must first give out basic personal information such as your name, email address, and platform.

Among other information, you also need to provide the reason why you want to become a beta tester for Catopia: Rush. If you get chosen as a part of the lucky few, you will be able to start beta testing some time in late November, right before the holiday season begins.

As a beta tester, you are tasked to play the game and report any issues and feedback that you may have. Any comments and suggestions that you give to the developer will be most useful in ensuring that Catopia: Rush is the best game it could possibly be once it gets officially released within the year.

If you’re unfamiliar with the game, Catopia: Rush is an adorable action mobile title that obviously, as the name suggests, features lovable felines. Unlike many mobile games, Catopia: Rush is played in portrait mode and can even be controlled with just one hand.

In other words, it’s a great game to play if you want something to keep you occupied or if you’re trying to pass the time. You will be able to contend with a multitude of enemies with just one-handed controls. How great and convenient is that?

In this game, you get to control the Prince of Catopia, who is on a mission to restore peace to his land, as well as save his kingdom’s villagers from the clutches of the evil Dark Lord. In order to defeat the various enemies, you will have to put together a team of powerful felines.

As you progress through the game, you will be able to unlock other cat heroes, which you can then use to mix and match with other felines in order to assemble the best possible team. In addition to that, each feline hero can be leveled up in order for them to become even stronger. Doing so will significantly help you survive the later levels.


Each of the cats available has their own unique skills and abilities, even special attacks that allow them to easily get rid of enemies. Initially, however, you will mostly be controlling the main character, although you get to decide when is the best time to utilize other heroes.

That being said, Catopia: Rush is not all about battling enemies, as the cats will also be building a village. This village in question will grow and improve as you progress through the game.

The closed beta will begin on November 18, and the selected testers will receive an email before the scheduled date so that they will be made aware of their participation.

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