Classic Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Arriving To The Nintendo Switch November 2021

Few games have received the same level of appreciation as Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. BioWare’s take on Star Wars, which laid the framework for the Mass Effect trilogy, is notable for many reasons, but fans tend to remember it most fondly for its storyline, which stands as a timeless story in the game’s world. That tale is now being ported to the Nintendo Switch.

Later this year, Knights of the Old Republic is coming to the hybrid system, Nintendo revealed during today’s huge Nintendo Direct Livestream. The port, which will be released on November 11, may end up being the most convenient method to play the game on the move, as it will avoid the game’s sometimes-inconvenient touch controls. However, as this looks to be only a port of the game, don’t anticipate a slew of new features.


It’s worth noting that this is the traditional version of the game, not the Knights of the Old Republic Remake that Aspyr is working on. In reality, the remake will be a limited-time PlayStation exclusive, with no other platforms revealed as of yet.

While the game is expected to be released on Xbox One and PC at some point, the future of a Switch port is unclear, depending on how technically demanding the game is. This original KOTOR version, on the other hand, is a promising indication for the future.

Knights of the Old Republic isn’t the first Star Wars game to make its way to the Nintendo Switch. In fact, for the past year or two, there’s been a specific focus on bringing older Star Wars games to the Switch, with titles like Jedi Outcast and Pod Racer making the cut. However, with the arrival of KOTOR, the majority of the most visible holes have been addressed.

Knights of the Old Republic 2, the often-overlooked sequel created by Obsidian Entertainment, is one glaring absence that would have fit in perfectly with this announcement. While the game didn’t exactly have the same effect as the original, it did build on it in a few fascinating ways. During the Nintendo Direct, no port was revealed, but if Knights of the Old Republic is a success on the console, fans may get the sequel at some time.

Whatever the case may be, it’s an exciting moment to be a Star Wars fan. There’s enough for fans to enjoy between new material like Star Wars Visions and the reintroduction of vintage stuff. Not to mention the fact that Disney is aggressively investing in the High Republic setting, which means there is Star Wars material for almost every media right now.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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