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Have you ever wondered just how fast your fingers can click? One can now unlock their hidden clicks per second skills or simply improve their clicking speed using the online CPS tester tool.

Whether you want to compete with friends, challenge yourself, or have some fun, the click speed test provides an entertaining way to measure your clicking abilities. So, give it a try to explore your clicking ability.

What Is a Click Test?

The click test, popularly known as the CPS Test, is an online tool that calculates how quickly you can click your mouse within a specific time frame.

It’s a simple and amusing game that can be played by people of all ages, right from school-going kids to someone with a professional job.

It measures users mouse clicking speed using the below formula:

Clicks Per Second rate = Total Number of Clicks registered/ Total Time consumed in Seconds

How To Take The CPS Test Challenge?

To test your mouse-clicking speed and set a new record, all one needs to do is follow the step-by-step procedure as mentioned below.

  1. Begin the game by heading to the CPSTest.org webpage.
  2. Once the web page pops up, proceed with clicking the ‘Click Here’ button displayed on your screen.
  3. As soon as you click the button, start rapidly clicking your mouse as many times as possible within the specified time span. A timer below the box will indicate the remaining time.
  4. When the time runs out, the final score based on your clicking speed pops up on the screen.

Based on the obtained scores, users can work on enhancing their clicking abilities.

Why Clicking Speed Matters?

Whether you are playing games for leisure or competing professionally with friends, your clicking speed holds great importance. You might be wondering how clicking speed is linked with gaming.

Imagine your team is performing well and is on the verge of winning a PvP battle. However, due to your slow clicking speed, you end up losing the battle. This showcases the significance of having a fast-clicking speed in gaming.

Be it to move your character front or back or to attack and defend, you need to have fast clicking speed. This is especially crucial in first-person shooting games like Minecraft, where precise and rapid clicking is essential to kill down the opponents.

Players using various clicking techniques to achieve a higher click per second (CPS) rate gain an advantage over their competitors and win the battle successfully.

Clicking Methods To Improve Clicking Speed

Users can challenge their opponents and win the battle easily by enhancing their clicking ability. The various methods that aid users in improving their clicking speed are as follows:-

Jitter Clicking

Jitter clicking is a clicking technique in which users achieve faster clicking speed by using the vibration of their arms. It involves utilizing the muscles in your entire arm rather than just your finger muscles to generate a rapid burst of clicks.

To begin with, relax both your fingers and arm muscles, and then place your dominant finger gently on the tip of the mouse button. Next, shake your arm muscles to generate rapid mouse vibrations, leading to a high number of clicks per second.

Although it is the most popular clicking method, one must be careful while practicing this technique, as consistent practice can affect your health as you tense the button too hard.

Butterfly Clicking

Another method is the butterfly clicking technique which involves placing two fingers, usually the middle finger and the index finger, on the mouse button and rapidly alternating between clicking with them.

All the users must do is click alternately with two fingers of their choice. When one finger is idle, click with the other finger, and continue this alternating clicking pattern. By practicing this approach, you can effectively boost your clicking speed and achieve a higher number of clicks per second.

As this method involves the utilization of two fingers, it reduces the discomfort or pain that may arise from excessive clicking. Mastering this technique is not as easy as it seems. Consistent dedication and training are required to achieve proficiency in this technique.

Drag Clicking

Another clicking alternative is drag clicking, where the player forcefully drags their fingers across the mouse button from one point on the mouse to the other to generate multiple clicks.

By practicing this method, players can generate multiple mouse clicks without the need to exert a significant amount of energy or effort by clicking rapidly.

To master this click method, the user has to hold the mouse in such a position that the index and middle fingers are placed on top of the mouse. Then, flick the wrist at an angle while gently pressing the mouse button downwards.

Factor That Affects Mouse Clicking

Hand Position

Hand positioning plays a crucial role in determining your clicking speed for various clicking methods. It is vital to practice the appropriate hand position before engaging in the game or clicking activity.

To achieve the correct hand position, place your finger on the bottom button of the mouse and ensure it is positioned at a slight tilt.

Avoid placing your fingers too far away from the mouse, as this can make it difficult to maintain a firm grip and degrade your ability to achieve a higher CPS rate. By maintaining a suitable hand position, users can enhance their clicking performance and the overall CPS score.

Mouse Grip

Various mouse grips are designed to accommodate different hand sizes and provide optimal comfort and control. One common grip is the Palm grip, which is the most relaxed and suitable for hands of any size.

With this grip, the player’s palm rests on the mouse, reducing stress on the arms and fingers. On the other hand, comes the Fingertip grip, where only the fingers come into contact with the mouse.

Although this grip may feel uncomfortable at first, it can be beneficial for increasing the CPS rate. The last type is a combination of palm and finger grip known as the Claw grip. In this grip, the fingers are bent and resemble a claw shape. It results in a higher CPS rate without exerting excessive pressure on the palm.

Mouse Sensitivity

Sensitivity refers to the measurement of how quickly your mouse responds. When it comes to mouse clicking speed, mouse sensitivity can affect how accurately you can target opponents in gaming.

A higher DPI setting allows faster mouse movements, which can be advantageous when you need to quickly click on targets. It enables you to cover more screen space with less mouse movement.

Mouse Size and Shape

Using a mouse that is ergonomically designed and fits comfortably in your hand can improve your overall experience and performance.

When you feel comfortable, you have better control over the mouse, allowing you to execute clicks with greater efficiency and accuracy.

Why are People Crazy For Click Test Games?

Users are often attracted to click-test games for several reasons.

Fun Time Pass Game

The Click test game provides a source of entertainment that can be easily accessed online. It offers a quick and engaging platform that users can access and play with during their leisure time to increase their clicking speed.

Stress Buster

Playing the click speed test games enables the users to divert their minds from the things that cause stress to them. Clicking the mouse speedily to register the higher number of clicks creates a rhythmic motion which helps in keeping the mind relaxed.

Challenge Your Friend

Many players enjoy achieving high scores and beating their records. The CPS test games allow players to challenge and compete against their friends with the desire to climb up the leaderboard.


Q1. Can Click Test Help With Gaming?

Yes, click test helps users in enhancing their clicking speed which is crucial in first-person shooter games for defeating the opponents and winning the battle.

Q2. What Is Average CPS?

Based on the analysis done, it is found that the average clicks per second score is 6.69.

Q3. What Is The World Record For The Click Test?

According to the sources, the highest record for registering the maximum clicks per second is 14.1.

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