The medium of crypto betting may seem like a new thing, but if you’re Cloudbet, it’s something you’ve already been doing for about a decade. This has seen the bookmaker and casino site place itself at the forefront of some significant steps forward in crypto betting, which include being the first crypto sportsbook to allow live cash-outs and the first casino to accept staked Ethereum and Solana (stETH and stSOL) as funding options. The latest step forward for the popular casino is its new loyalty program, Cloudbet Marketplace – which has some genuinely unique rewards in store for players who sign up.

Without a doubt, the elements of the program that will get the biggest write-ups are the big rewards, which are as follows: A week-long break in the Maldives on a luxurious private island; a 2023 Lamborghini Huracan, and a Rolex Daytona Rainbow limited edition watch. These are the big-ticket items, and it is probably fair to say that not everyone is going to get those, but they are legit prizes for whoever saves up enough Lightning Points through placing bets, referring friends, and any other option that Cloudbet offers to customers.

There are, of course, options beyond the headline items which will offer a way for Cloudbettors to get more bang for their Bitcoin. Those who raise a sufficient total of points can redeem them for betting benefits which will stretch their deposits with the casino. A relatively small number of points will be sufficient to secure free spins on some of the best slots at Cloudbet, while you can also redeem your points for free bets both in the casino and in the sportsbook section. The more points you have, the more credit you’ll be able to redeem and the greater your chance of making real winnings wherever you bet.

Because Cloudbet has developed its brand as one that likes innovation and puts the control in the hands of the bettor, there are also custom bonuses available. You’ve got more freedom with your custom bets the more points you build up, but here’s a brief explanation of how it’s done.

  1. Use the slider to increase the amount of credit in your free bet.
  2. Use the next slider to decide how much you’ll need to wager your winnings.
  3. Redeem your points once you’ve got your preferred result.

When you have more points built up, this means you can have a free bet for a significant amount of capital, with fewer wagering rounds to be completed before you can help yourself to whatever you’ve won. If you’re patient, you can build up a custom free bet that leaves all offers from other betting sites in the dust.

This is a particularly clever offer from Cloudbet, as one way to really augment your points total is to refer friends to the site. When you know that these offers are in the pipeline for people who build their total up, you know the first thing you’re going to do is tell a friend! In addition, look out for promotions like the recent World Cup offer that bestowed double points for any bet placed on the action in Qatar.

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