Battle Royale games like Fortnite and PUBG Mobile have already become all-consuming for us, but we still cannot agree on which one is superior or what the key differences between the two are. We will discuss all of the distinctions between the two most popular Battle Royale games in this article.

There are many individuals who enjoy playing Battle Royale titles, and we assume that you are all aware of the significant competition that exists between the two most popular games of the genre, Fortnite and PUBG.

But regardless of whether you play Fortnite or PUBG, you must be wondering which of the two games is superior. If you are wondering the same thing, make sure to read this article all the way through. We will discuss a number of distinctions between the two most popular Battle Royale games in this article. We will therefore try to determine which is a superior choice.

Here, we will examine the variations between these two Battle Royales.

Visual Style

You all must be aware that Fortnite and PUBG were first released for smartphones, even though they are both very well-liked PC games. You would indeed be able to tell that PUBG Mobile’s graphics are exceptional and provide the gamer with a genuine feel.

On the other side, you would notice a cartoonish style with Fortnite. Although they are attempting to improve the graphics, the game still has the same kind of visual appearance rather than a genuine Battle Royale setting.


If you take a close look at both games, you will see that they both follow the same straightforward free-for-all gameplay concept. This is true of the two major Battle Royale games.

In both games, you and 99 other players are dumped off on an island, where you can wander around and gather weapons like firearms and explosives. Then, your only goal is to eliminate everyone else in the battle royale in order to emerge as the victor.

You would really be able to see that the play area is getting smaller and smaller even as time passes. As a result, you are finally left with a small area of the map where you must hide from players who are still alive and kill them all.

The only distinction between PUBG Mobile and Fortnite that we can make here is that no matter what kind of pistol or weapon you have, you will not be capable of completely demolishing a home or other similar structure in PUBG Mobile.

Contrarily, it was discovered that in Fortnite, rockets could be used to destroy virtually any structure, house, or shelter. You can also construct covert structures or destroy already-existing ones to gather building materials like wood.


There is really no Battle Royale title having controls that come close to PUBG Mobile in terms of user experience. However, as you are well aware, Tencent has greater experience in game production, which enables them to give its fans the finest possible gaming experience.

You can alter a few of the controls in PUBG Mobile so that you can play the game in your own special manner. Contrarily, you would be capable of seeing that Fortnite’s controls are not as fluid, and as a result, the game does not provide you with the same level of enjoyment as PUBG Mobile does.

Cross-Platform Experience

One of the biggest distinctions between these games is that, in the cross-platform experience area, you can see that, in the case of PUBG, the mobile and PC versions of the game are very different from one another.

With Fortnite, on the other hand, you would be able to discern that both platform titles offer essentially the same experience. Additionally, you would be able to engage in Fortnite on Xbox and PS4 and have a similar experience. Additionally, you may play cross-platform with your pals, which is not really possible on Fortnite. On Fortnite, skins, player accounts, progress, and other assets are shared between platforms, so wherever you play, you will have access to the same things. But with PUBG Mobile, that is not the case.


It was observed that when you are a newbie to PUBG, you will only participate in the game alongside 20 actual players in the initial ten games, with the remaining players being bots, despite the fact that these bots are what set PUBG Mobile apart from Fortnite.

Up to this point, Fortnite has no bot system. Additionally, it was noted that Fortnite started including bots in chapter 2 of the game. No one would want to perish at the beginning of the game, and all these bots make gaming easier overall for novice players.

Game Modes and Maps

With Fortnite and PUBG Mobile, a variety of maps and game modes are available. Additionally, it was noted that both the mobile and desktop versions of Fortnite would offer the same kinds of maps.

In contrast hand, PUBG Mobile’s maps differ from those in the PC version when playing on a mobile device. Additionally, Fortnite would be your ideal alternative if you like to play this game with imaginative maps that have various topographies in each spot on the map.

How to Navigate the Map

In both games, you can move to practically any location on the map that you desire. Additionally, the sole difference is that the PUBG Mobile map will give you a more genuine feeling because it will allow you to perceive life in the game.

Fortnite’s map, on the other hand, has a more cartoony feel, as we have already noted. The PUBG Mobile, however, stays true to life, allowing you to even drive vehicles and motorcycles across the map. They can blow up if they run out of fuel after traveling a considerable distance and sustain far too much damage. Quad bikes and golf carts are among the available vehicles in Fortnite.

Mobile-Only Features Such as Auto Pick Up and Similar

You would not need to use extra buttons because of the excellent mobile-only features that PUBG Mobile and Fortnite both offer. You will therefore gain auto-pick-up features and a lot more with these mobile-only capabilities. One unique feature that is only found in these games’ mobile versions and is present in both is called Auto-Pickup. Weapons, equipment, and medications will be picked up by the player when auto-pickup is enabled in order to fill your inventory.


First and foremost, these games are completely downloadable for free and provide a top-notch gaming experience. However, there are a few aesthetic items that you can buy for the built-in shop that improve the character’s overall appearance without giving you a competitive advantage. Battle Royale games like Fortnite and PUBG Mobile let you purchase a variety of items like skins, outfits, guns, and more. Monetization is possible even for those who do not actively play the two games but are their fans. How? Well, through betting on eSports tournaments of either Fortnite bookies or PUBG bookmakers – online, of course.

Each season of Fortnite allows players to buy a brand new Battle Pass in order to unlock up more quickly and get the season’s exclusive goodies. Each season lasts for around ten weeks. On PUBG Mobile, a Royale Pass is available that provides comparable advantages.


These two greatest Battle Royale games are both powered by Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 4, which itself was developed for Fortnite. Because of this, Unreal Engine 4, you can all benefit from the highly optimized playability and features of this game.

Although the game takes some processing power to work efficiently, PUBG Mobile nevertheless has strong graphics, and a Lite version is also available for smartphones with less processing power.

Final Thoughts

The two most popular Battle Royale video gaming titles globally are Fortnite and PUBG Mobile. There is no doubt about that. These two games differ in a number of other ways as well. Following this post, we were able to examine all of those distinctions, and, surprise, surprise, we discovered that PUBG Mobile is in general superior to Fortnite.

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