Dafran: What Are His Overwatch Settings?

Dafran may be a familiar name to those gamers who are either into Overwatch or enjoy keeping up to date with the Pro scene. Born in Denmark, Daniel Francesca a.k.a Dafran is a former pro Overwatch player and was once a full-time streamer. He was quite active in the competitive scene in the past, which is why he got recruited in 2017 by Selfless Gaming.

However, only more or less 5 months after he was picked up, Dafran was suspended from playing competitively in any of Blizzard’s events for most of June 2017 because of griefing in ranked games during the fifth season. Of course, while it’s not completely unheard of for professional players to be upset during matches, he later confessed that he did all that on purpose because he no longer wanted to be a competitive player.

In his statement, he even mentioned that he “wanted to get out for a long time, competing and scrimming made me very depressed and bored.” Eventually, Dafran moved on to try out streaming, but he was recruited once more to become a competitive player in 2018. This time around, he was picked up by the Overwatch League team, Atlanta Reign.

After yet another 5 months of being with the team, Dafran once again retired from being playing competitively. Even though he seemingly disliked being in the Pro League, it can’t be denied that Dafran is an incredible player. In fact, he almost always finished with a skill rating of over 4500.


In the latter half of 2020, Dafran announced to the public that he was going to become a farmer, but he still continued to stream during his spare time. If you’re a fan of Dafran, especially his style of playing Overwatch, then perhaps the first step to becoming as good as him could start from copying his settings.

Below you’ll find Dafran’s computer settings when he plays Overwatch. Of course, this is primarily his personal preferences, and you can adjust the settings as you see fit.

Graphics Settings

From what we can glean from Dafran’s graphics settings, it’s clear to see that there’s a balance between performance and quality. The monitor he uses is a 240 Hz one, which means that by using his preferred settings, his monitor is able to achieve 240 frames per second.

It’s worth noting, however, that it’s best if you lower some of the settings found below if your monitor has a high refresh rate and it doesn’t seem to have enough frames in order to fully make the most out of your refresh rate.

Display modeFullscreenRefresh rate (Hz)240
Resolution1920×1080Field of view90
Aspect ratio16:9V-syncOff
Tripple bufferingOffReduce bufferingOn
Display performance statsOnDisplay system clockOff
Render scale100 percentTexture qualityHigh
Texture filtering qualityMedium – 2xLocal fog detailMedium
Dynamic reflectionsOffShadow detailLow
Model detailLowEffects detailLow
Lightning qualityMediumAnti-aliasingLow – FXAA
Refraction qualityMediumScreenshot quality1x resolution
Local reflectionsOnAmbient occlusionOn


Mouse Settings

Of course, it’s important to remember that your mouse’s sensitivity settings will always depend on what kind of gaming mouse you have. That said, it’s recommended that your polling rate should always be at 1000. If you do this, you can rest easy knowing that you have the lowest possible input lag, and you’ll be thankful for this every time you do something in a game with your mouse.

With that in mind, the following are Dafran’s mouse settings:

eDPI2544cm = 360 degrees54.46
Zoom sensitivity44Polling rate (Hz)1000



Dafran and Valorant

These days, it appears that Dafran has moved on from Overwatch and instead, has been enamored with Riot Games’ multiplayer tactical first-person hero shooter, Valorant. Released only last year, it’s the only game that Dafran has been streaming these days.

The first few months that the game was launched, it was clear to see that Overwatch fans were feeling the pressure of Valorant’s popularity. Not only that, it’s quite obvious that Dafran is having a good time playing Riot’s take on the first-person shooter. In fact, he banned one of his viewers in the past for constantly pestering him to go back to streaming Overwatch.

During that time, the streamer was playing as Sova, who is an agent who plays very similarly to Overwatch’s Hanzo. It makes sense too, given the fact that Dafran is known to be a good DPS gamer. Instead of enjoying his stream, however, the viewer was frustrated that the streamer was playing Valorant in the first place.

Valorant will last less than 10 minutes. It’s shit,” said the two-year subscriber. His stream’s chat proceeded to go on a heated debate about Valorant and whether or not it’s overhyped. After all the hubbub that ensued, the streamer decided to call out the viewer and told him to “go back to Overwatch.”

Sadly, this didn’t stop the viewer from ranting and voicing out his frustration. As such, Dafran had to ban him, saying that “it’s going to be a Valorant stream for a long time” and that fans who don’t like it can just unsubscribe from his channel. It doesn’t seem like Dafran will stop streaming Valorant anytime soon. In fact, he previously said that the only time he’ll stop Riot’s first-person shooter is if or when he reaches a point where he can no longer improve.

Other than that, it seems as if the former Pro League is having a lot of fun in his agriculture career—from what we can see from his Instagram page. Switching over to playing Valorant may have been a good idea on his part, too, especially since it has become such a big game at this point.

Of course, that isn’t to say that Overwatch has become stale. This team-based shooter is still as popular as ever. As a matter of fact, Blizzard Entertainment recently revealed details about the highly anticipated Overwatch 2 during the recent BlizzCon Online event, with the sequel receiving a variety of new features and content for dedicated fans to enjoy.

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