Dead by Daylight October 2021 Even Schedule Announced

The holidays are among of Dead by Daylight’s happiest times. Behaviour Interactive hosts month-long themed celebrations for each season, which may feature new chapter or mid-chapter releases and specially themed cosmetics or goods.

Halloween is almost approaching, and Dead by Daylight is gearing up to celebrate the holiday with a month of exciting activities and releases. Today is the first day of October, and Behaviour has already shared a rough calendar of activities for specific days and times throughout the month that players may look forward to.


The debut of Mikaela Reid, Dead by Daylight’s newest survivor character, who launches on October 19 and directly reflects Halloween’s scary, festive vibe, is one of the highlights of the October 2021 event calendar.

Then, from October 21 to November 4, Dead by Daylight’s latest Halloween in-game event will be available. There are no details yet on what players may anticipate, but if the game’s annual events are any indicator, new cosmetics and goods with a Halloween theme will be available for users to enjoy.

The month begins with the reintroduction of a free Charm cosmetic showing Dwight as a scarecrow, which can be obtained by entering the code “Dwightcrow” into the Charm shop. This Charm is available now and will be accessible until October 31, giving players the full month to use it. Dead by Daylight Mobile will host a number of activities, including The Hallowed Festival from October 12 to November 22, as well as a community challenge from October 22 to October 29.

Many of these dates overlap, however owing to the segmented Dead by Daylight playerbases, one may not impact the other. For example, gamers who only play Dead by Daylight on PC may be unconcerned with what happens throughout the events of the mobile edition. Similarly, gamers who do not engage with Dead by Daylight’s social media ambassadors may be unconcerned about Twitch broadcast events.

Furthermore, a significant number of balancing adjustments will be deployed during the Hour of the Witch’s chapter release, with some of these changes currently available to players via the game’s Public Test Build server. More information regarding the newest holiday activities will be released soon, making October a thrilling month for lovers of both Dead by Daylight and the scary season.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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