Decidueye Coming To Pokemon Unite Soon

When Greedent, a reasonably popular Normal-type from Pokemon Sword & Shield’s Galar area, was revealed as the newest playable character to join the roster of Pokemon Unite, not everyone was overjoyed. As if to make up for it, the next playable Pokemon appears to be a lot more popular pick.

The official Pokemon Unite Twitter account just published an image that clearly hints at the next playable character. Several green, red, and white feather-shaped arrows are depicted launching downwards. Any Pokemon fan may deduce from the image and the accompanying comment that the newest character will be Decidueye.


Decidueye is a dual Grass/Ghost-type Pokemon from the Alola region in Pokemon Sun & Moon on the Nintendo 3DS. Decidueye is the ultimate evolution of Rowlet, one of the three beginning Pokemon from those games, and joins Pikachu, Venusaur, Charizard, Blastoise, Greninja, and Cinderace as the seventh playable starter in Pokemon Unite.

Decidueye appears to be one of the most popular Pokemon in Generation 7. It was one of the new features of Pokken Tournament DX, the upgraded re-release of the fighting game Pokken Tournament, and it was said to be in the running for inclusion in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. However, Incineroar, the last evolution of Pokemon Sun & Moon’s Fire starter Litten, defeated it in the end.

For the time being, it is unknown when Decidueye will be added to the game or how it will function. On November 10th, Pokemon Unite will receive a patch, possibly in preparation for the addition of Decidueye. Fans should probably expect Decidueye to arrive later this month or in December at the very least. Given Decidueye’s part-Ghost type, one would believe it would’ve been more appropriate to introduce it during the Halloween event.

With Decidueye’s addition, the overall roster will now stand at 27, and with Pokemon Unite’s second season of content just about to begin, there are sure to be much more playable Pokemon in the works. The MOBA is now widely available on Nintendo Switch and mobile platforms, and improvements have been made to reduce the pay-to-win components, which were a prevalent gripe from players since its contentious but nonetheless successful introduction earlier this year.

However, players of Pokemon Unite have discovered new flaws with the game since then. The addition of $40 cosmetics for playable Pokemon is perhaps the most obvious example. Despite the fact that the game is free to play, many people are offended by the fact that the costumes are as pricey as some full-priced games.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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