Bungie Reveals Pre-Load Date and Time for Destiny 2: Beyond Light

The release date for Destiny 2: Beyond Light is drawing nearer and nearer, and in order to keep the hype going, Bungie has been constantly releasing updates. In fact, Bungie revealed Beyond Light’s pre-load date and time, among other things, only today.

Bungie also gave Destiny 2 fans a sneak peek at the all-new location, Europa – a freezing planet that will surely bring about a whole different challenge to the players. At this point, we’re sure that the studio will reveal more information about Europa as the release date creeps closer.

But for now, we can confirm that fans will be reuniting with old comrades such as Variks, as well as encounter new kinds of enemies. In any case, the most recent This Week at Bungie post talks about a bunch of new changes that will make Destiny 2 an even better game.


The developers at Bungie have extensively made the necessary revisions for the game, so much so that Engineering Director David Aldridge states that once Beyond Light gets released, players will have to re-download the game on whatever platform they’re using.

With that in mind, Bungie will be releasing pre-loads of the new expansion on November 9, Pacific Time, sometime in the evening.

Unfortunately, the studio didn’t give an exact time frame, but you should expect that you can start pre-downloading Beyond Light about 10 hours before the expansion’s official release.

There’s more good news: due to the many adjustments done to the core of the game, along with the fact that Bungie is getting rid of a lot of content in Destiny 2, the title’s overall install size is expected to significantly decrease by 30 to 40%.


Depending on what gaming platform you’re using to play Destiny 2: Beyond Light, the game will most likely take up between 59 to 71GB when the expansion gets released. Going forward, Bungie wants to make sure that they won’t necessarily bloat up the game’s size.

All of these amazing changes are all thanks to the mighty engineering team, who worked on the game’s content and patch pipeline re-format. The modernization of Destiny 2 was further continued when they replaced the antiquated assets with newer, upgraded counterparts.

Thanks to these efforts, though, it was possible for the team to ship out a build of the game in less than half a day. Before, it would have taken them almost a day – at least – before they could send out the new builds to fans.

Now, you might be wondering: what exactly does this mean for the player experience? The good news is that now, fans won’t have to wait so long for Bungie to release important hotfixes for game-breaking bugs and glitches.


This also means that the concerns of the players will be easily addressed as well since fans can expect changes and fixes to be done the closer the expansion’s release date gets.

After all, fans just want to be heard more than anything. So, this will definitely be a huge plus, since players have had prior issues with Destiny 2 repeating the same issues from previous seasons because Bungie couldn’t react to feedback on time.

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