Destiny 2’s Forsaken and Shadowkeep Expansions Now Available to Xbox Game Pass Holders

If you have an Xbox Game Pass and you’ve pretty much exhausted everything that Destiny 2’s base game has to offer, then we have some good news for you. Especially now that Beyond Light is steadily looming closer and closer, it would be a great time to delve into the wonderful world of Destiny 2.

Bungie’s popular space-shooter may have been released three years ago, but the title is staying strong and relevant as ever thanks to its steady expansion releases and patches. Plus, the fact that Bungie split from Activision-Blizzard meant that they now have full control over the franchise.

For quite awhile now, Xbox Game Pass holders have been able to play the base Destiny 2 game, including the original Curse of Osiris and Warmind expansions. Now, however, the complete Destiny 2 experience is finally available for the Xbox Game Pass.


We’re glad to report that Xbox Game Pass players can finally enjoy 2018’s Forsaken and 2019’s Shadowkeep expansions before Beyond Light, its latest major update, gets launched in November.

These two expansions are quite important in the Destiny 2 storyline, as they both hold significant plot points that will pave the way for what’s to come in the latest update. Without a doubt, this can also be considered a smart promotional maneuver.

The fact that Bungie is releasing all of Destiny 2’s existing content for the Xbox service means that they’re also exposing more players to the game’s up-to-date content before it transforms once more with Beyond Light.

This promotional move could be the answer to Destiny 2’s greatest dilemma, which is finding a way to draw in new players so that their radical evolution will be a success.

What makes Beyond Light so unique from the rest is that the title will be doing away with several regions from the game’s early release. Not only that, but they will get rid of a lot of gear so that they can have more space for a brand-new player experience.

That said, those players who consider themselves as completionists should check all of the items and gear that Destiny 2 will be getting rid of so that they can grab them now before they’re removed.

The fact that Bungie is releasing Forsaken and Shadowkeep to the Xbox Game Pass is timely for another reason as well. Recently, the studio celebrated the Destiny franchise’s sixth birthday.

One way they decided to celebrate this wonderful occasion is by commemorating the game’s major milestones. This included the amazing 8.6 billion hours played, and a total of 167 million Guardians who have played the title.

For many fans, having a steady, continuing community like Destiny’s is one of its greatest appeals and values.


PC and PlayStation users won’t miss out on the fun, too. The Destiny 2 patch released today will include a significant update. In the form of an all-new quest, you will find a heartfelt tribute to one of Destiny’s franchise artists who passed away last year.

Long-time players may not know Matt Helsom by name, but his awe-inspiring art has, without a doubt, affected many fans as they journeyed through Destiny’s world.

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