Water is a significant element in various Disney stories. You remember the water well from the story of Snow White, how water calls out to Polynesian princess Moana and invites her to run free, and how this is a major part of “Avatar: The Way of Water.”

Thus, in official Disney games like “Disney Dreamlight Valley,” water is also a crucial element in the gameplay. You can collect a quest item, that is Falling Water. This Falling Water is very valuable in the game the moment you acquire it. Here’s how to get Falling Water in “Disney Dreamlight Valley.”

How To Get Falling Water

In “Dreamlight Valley,” Falling Water is precisely what its name is about. It is falling water. Finding and gathering Falling Water is simple, but you must find the right location from the many waterfalls scattered throughout the game’s village. 

As with other quest items, this should be generated upon you triggering this part of the quest. It will appear as gold sparkles. 

Proceed to the Glade of Trust since this is the biome at the center of the quest, where Falling Water is. Head to the stream’s end, which is quite on the outskirts of the map. Here, you may interact with the sparkles located on the ground, which will force the Falling Water’s vial to show up. Interacting with an inanimate object is weird, but once you get Falling Water, you can enjoy its uses. 

The Reward

When you have this Falling Water together with all the other ingredients, you can then easily craft the ointment to be used to enhance your watering can. Merlin can then apply this to the watering can. This can will then be improved. Right away, you can begin using this watering can to remove larger mushrooms.


Although falling water may not be your top priority, you should try to obtain it at some point in the game.

Enjoy the rewards of “Disney Dreamlight Valley’s” Falling Water as you groove to the beat of Tyla’s famous song.

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