DogeCoin, Shiba Inu, EverGrow, Solana, HUH Token, and a plethora of other cryptocurrencies on the market have seen the market value of crypto skyrocket. The market value of crypto is now of a higher value than that of the world’s top twelve banks confirmed. All times highs from Shiba Inu, DogeCoin, Solana, Ethereum, and other altcoins have seen the combined market cap reach $2.75 trillion. An all-time market high for crypto. A figure which narrowly dwarfs the market total of the world’s twelve biggest banks combined which totals just under $2.7 trillion.

Interest in crypto has never been higher. The market value of crypto and the formation of new cryptocurrencies is forever growing. Towards the end of October, Shiba Inu experienced a major spike in its fortunes seeing its market value climb over $40 billion in the space of only five days. This too was an all-time high for Shiba Inu, seeing their value reach $51.4 billion. DogeCoin, between April 2021 and May 2021, saw numbers climb from a respectable $9.64 billion to $88.68 billion. An incredible gain of $79.04 billion. It’s not just the bigger currencies that have helped this incredible achievement. The smaller and new altcoins on the market, those readily available or those set for release such as HUH token, have played a big part too. Cryptocurrencies such as EverGrow, which have garnered interest from all over with their 24hr-trading volume reaching the $22 million mark over, have helped drive the market value up.

Source: The Independent

The strong growth in altcoins and the resurgence of Bitcoin have had a major impact on the rise of crypto. A feat the world’s oldest banking system doesn’t look too kindly on. There was once a time before 2018, where held Bitcoin comfortably held over 75% of the coin market. According to data, Bitcoin now only accounts for around 40%. That shows a major shift in the global mindset towards cryptocurrency. Bitcoin too upon its initial conception was considered little more than a joke by the general public, but now in 2021, all cryptocurrencies are viewed in a completely different light. The value of crypto is soaring and the banks are struggling to keep up.

To put things into perspective, on the CompaniesMarketCap the world’s biggest bank JPMorgan Chase has a market cap of $503 billion whilst Etherum the second biggest crypto on CoinMarketCap has a market value of $539 billion. That’s almost a difference of $40 billion. Such is the growing strength of cryptocurrency, the twelfth richest bank in the world, Australia’s commonwealth bank has now announced that they will soon open a platform that will allow customers to trade cryptocurrencies via a mobile banking app.

Source: The Independent

HUH Token, on Thursday, announced that December 6th, 2021 would be their launch date for their cryptocurrency for the public to purchase. For a little while now, HUH Token has been building up steam behind their project and slowly releasing more and more information about their new cryptocurrency. HUH, Token is a revolutionary crypto that is the first of its kind, it allows its users to earn crypto through two streams of revenue. HUH Token & BNB. HUH, Token is also unique with its referral system which allows its users to earn 10% BNB.

On December 6th HUH Token will be available via the open market and HUH Token is hoping that their supporters and investors, which is rumored to be somewhere in the thousands, put them in a strong position to quickly climb the market. The sounds coming out of their camp and the chatter floating around the world wide web all seem to suggest that they are ones to keep a keen eye on. Only recently they encountered a slight hiccup, due to an overload on their systems from a vast number of sign-ups. A minor issue that was quickly resolved. The HUH Token cryptocurrency will be available on multiple chains. Initially, Binance Smartchain and Ethereum to start with. It’s only a matter of weeks before the crypto is launched and only time will tell if they too help the value of crypto rise further.

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