Today is Valentine’s Day – a day for professing your love or subsidizing the chocolate industry, like seriously. For many couples, they go out on a date, perhaps dining in their favorite restaurant. 

However, for couples who simply want to bond together at home with their favorite games, there are gaming Valentine’s Day events that you should check out, from “Apex Legends” to “League of Legends.”

  1. Overwatch 2: Loverwatch

Several gamers have dreamed about dating their “Overwatch” faves, and this year, developer Blizzard is making some of those romantic fantasies come true. 

Loverwatch on “Overwatch 2” is actually a romantic visual novel that went live yesterday, February 13th, but will run until February 28th.

Here, you will have the chance to woo either Cyborg ninja Genji or winged medic Mercy. Helping you will be Cupid Hanzo, and if you happen to find the secret ending, you can unlock a Loverwatch Play of the Game Highlight. 

Plus, there is also a limited-time Hanzo 4v4 mode available in the usual game, and some Support-themed event challenges. Complete them all to unlock two Epic skins.

  1. Apex Legends: Date Night Duos

“Apex Legends” is also providing a Valentine’s treat. The 2023 “Apex Legends” Valentine’s event brings a limited-time Date Night Duos mode. With this, you and your partner can gain access to a new version of the Bocek bow known as the Heart Stealer. This is capable of healing nearby allies whenever you damage enemies, so make sure your aim is on point. Moreover, you will also heal nearby allies when using healing items. Meaning to say, you can double up your recovery items if you stick close to your partner. 

The store also offers a selection of pink skins, including new looks for Bangalore, Loba, and Valkyrie. The event also ends today, so be sure to give this a try.

  1. World of Warcraft: Love is in the Air

This Valentine’s Day event from “World of Warcraft” is making a comeback this year. There are Love Tokens players can earn to spend on themed items such as the Lovebird Hatchling.

There is also a new quest that can see you taking down Crown Chemical Co. within Shadowfang Keep. Beat this to unlock an array of romantic items. Love is in the Air is until February 20th.

  1. League of Legends: Heartache, Heartbreak, and Heartthrob Skins

Lastly, Valentine’s Day in “League of Legends” is all about heartthrob, heartbreak, and heartache. There are three new skins available, namely Heartache Amumu, Heartache Vi, and Heartthrob Caitlyn. Each has eight chromas, so choose your favorite and share the love this Valentine’s Day in online matches.

Previously, PVP Live reported the Valentine’s Day 2023 events in “Final Fantasy XIV” and “Pokémon GO.”

Or, you can play co-op games with your loved one this Valentine’s Day. The best co-op games are “Portal 2,” “Unravel 2,” “Overcooked! All You Can Eat,” “Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime,” and “It Takes Two,” among many others.

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