Call it serendipity or pure luck, but some Nintendo gamers recently are discovering big surprises from the Nintendo GameCube consoles they have shopped at bargained prices. Feeling nostalgic? Here’s the news.

‘Mario Party 7’ inside a Nintendo GameCube

A Nintendo gamer recently shared a story and find via their Reddit account, Ish_Kibble, saying how they acquired a used Nintendo GameCube for a whopping cheap price of $30 from their local Goodwill store. But this is not the major find. 

The actual jackpot came when they opened the console. Inside was a still-working copy of “Mario Party 7,” a seemingly forgotten game, considering the many new “Super Mario” games today. 

“Mario Party 7” pertains to the party game from the “Mario Party” series, released for GameCube. The game is the seventh “Mario Party” home console installment, the 12th installment in the overall “Mario Party” series, and the fourth and last “Mario Party” installment for the vintage console. 

The Nintendo GameCube, meanwhile, refers to a home video game console developed and released by Nintendo in various countries from 2001 to 2002. It is the predecessor of the Wii console. 

“freaking out about this, had mario party 7 in it, everything works and it cleaned up really nice,” Ish_Kibble said in their Reddit post, also sharing a photo of the console. 

Many Reddit users in the comment section remarked how that find was great, considering the price they paid for it. 

“Awesome find! All (most?) of the thrift stores in our area intercept game consoles before they hit the shelves and try to sell them at exorbitant rates online,” commented elchignacio. 

Various classic GameCube games

It is interesting to note how various Nintendo games are finding big surprises from the Nintendo GameCube systems they have obtained from yard sales and online outlets. 

Another Nintendo gamer, who goes by the name Xaphanex on Reddit, shared on the platform how their father brought home a large box filled with a Nintendo GameCube and a whole bunch of games that still work perfectly.  

Xaphanex went on saying how their dad initially hesitated on buying them before the gamer told him how amazing what the latter had stumbled across. The entire collection reportedly cost just $5, consisting of games like “Luigi’s Mansion,” tie-in games for the first two “Spider-Man” movies, and “Def Jam: Fight for NY.” Elsewhere, commenters on Xaphanex’s post said the games sell for $100.

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