Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Free Update Includes A Complete Trading Card Game

The next expansion for Dragon Ball Z Kakarot will add a brand new and complete trading card game along with the new update. Released at the beginning of this year, Dragon Ball Z Kakarot allows players to rediscover the complete Dragon Ball Z saga in an open-world setting which leads to legendary anime-style fight scenes.

The first expansion for Dragon Ball Z Kakarot has now ventured into the world of Dragon Ball Super which granted Goku and Vegeta access to their Super Saiyan God forms and introduce new characters from the show including Beerus and Whis. The expansion also allows players to utilize this new Super Saiyan form throughout the main campaign which lets Goku abolish his enemies more than the usual.

The past several years have seen the revitalization of the classic shonen franchise thanks to the debut of Dragon Ball Super on TV and a few exemplary video game releases. Developer Arc System hit the jackpot upon adapting the franchise to a 2D fighting game through Dragon Ball FighterZ.

There were also other Dragon Ball Z games after Dragon Ball Fighterz but nothing hit quite as hard as Dragon Ball Z Kakarot. The addition of a lot of characters from the hit franchise and an acceptable 3D fighting system made it one of the best Dragon Ball Z games of all time.

The game’s second expansion is coming in fast and Japanese gaming store 4Gamer revealed that it will include a new trading card game that’s currently only marketed for the Japanese release of the game.

Titled Dragon Ball Card Warriors, the free mode seems like an entirely new addition to the game that will be free for all, although playing it online will still require a PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live subscription. Even though there have been other Dragon Ball card game adaptations in the past, the upcoming Card Warriors looks like an improved and simplified mode of Gwent in The Witcher 3.

In both the US and Japan, the expansion is confirmed to include Golden Frieza and the Ginyu Force as part of a brand new story. Vegeta and Goku will face these new threats with their new Super Saiyan Blue forms which will make its debut on the game via the new DLC.

The Golden Frieza battle will borrow some parts of Dragon Ball Z Resurrection F which was covered during Season 2 of Dragon Ball Super. There are still no official announcements regarding the launch date of the new expansion or any confirmation that Dragon Ball Card Warriors will have an American version of the game. Hopefully, fans can get that news soon enough.


Dragon Ball Card Warriors will be a great addition to Dragon Ball Z Kakarot which will bring fun memories to all fans who have followed Dragon Ball related card games in the past years. It also justifies that the versatility of including a simple card game as side content is clever and effective.

With Hearthstone and Magic Arena consistently evolving card games make them enjoyable for all players and adding them as side modes let players experience this fun without spending anything.

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