Developer Techland Promises To Reveal Dying Light 2 Details In 2021

Developer Techland has been worryingly silent about the development progress of Dying Light 2, which has left many fans wondering if the game will be released at all. Fortunately, the developer has confirmed that “fresh updates” are coming regarding the highly-anticipated title and will most likely be revealed some time in 2021.

This sequel was initially revealed during the Microsoft E3 2018 press conference. Shortly after, Techland announced that it was expecting to release Dying Light 2 around Spring 2020, but obviously, this expectation could not be made possible.

The team working on the upcoming survival horror action RPG decided to push back its initial release date saying that it needed more time in order to attain the developer’s overall vision of what it wants the title to be. Since then though, Techland has remained mum and fans have been starved for information.


Earlier in the year, the website Polski Gamedev claimed that Dying Light 2 was reportedly in disarray and that the team working on it is disorganized. However, Techland quickly refuted the report by saying that the article was not correctly translated into English and that everything is in allegedly “good shape.” Fans will have to see that for themselves though once more information gets revealed next year.

According to DSOGaming, one of the Techland developers working on the franchise wrote on the Dying Light 2 Discord server promising that “fresh updates” about the game will be shared in 2021. The message was posted by a dev who goes by Uncy_Techland on the server, and the message partially says: “We’ve been, er, dying to update you all on how development has been going. We’ll have fresh updates about Dying Light 2 coming in the new year!”

If we’re being honest though, this kind of development isn’t much and it may not be enough to keep fans interested for long, especially considering how long Techland has remained silent about it. Still, the fact that the developer will finally reveal new information about Dying Light 2 gives us a bit of hope. Besides, it’s nice to know that it hasn’t forgotten about its fans just yet.


The only thing we’re wondering about now is when, exactly, will Techland share the new updates. We’re definitely curious to see how Dying Light 2 has changed and improved since the developer talked about it more or less a year ago.

In any case, there is still Dying Light-related content fans can dive into while patiently waiting for updates on the sequel. For one thing, Techland gave its fans a couple of reasons to revisit the original Dying Light game in the form of DLCs. The developer released the Hellraid DLC a couple of months ago, which is an arcade game mode based on another Techland project that has the same name.

Unfortunately, those players who want to try out Dying Light: Hellraid will have to fork over real-world money, as it is a paid DLC that can only be accessed by checking out an arcade cabinet that can be found in-game.

Then, an exciting crossover took place in October. Dying Light and Left 4 Dead had a crossover event that was only available for a limited time. It was definitely a fitting nod to the zombie shooter survival game that inspired the franchise.

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