Electronic Arts Apologizes for Real-World UFC 4 Ads In-Game

Recently, EA Sports released a UFC 4 update that was not for the best. On the PS4 and Xbox One, real-world ads have been added and what’s worse, these ads can’t be skipped or even avoided.

When UFC 4 was initially released, it received acclaim from both players and reviews. It also featured in-game ads, but it was appropriate and was true to the game during that time around. However, about more or less a month post-release, intrusive real-world ads started showing up while you’re playing.

The UFC community over at Reddit is more than displeased, as this blatant cash-grab ad placement not only takes up the entirety of your screen, but it also disrupts your gameplay. One Redditor posted a sample, which you can see below:

Look at the amount of times that an ad appears in the middle of gameplay, this is unacceptable for a $60 game and disgusting to add in an update after I already purchased the game. from EASportsUFC

These posts have garnered attention, and EA has since apologized as well as removed this in-game feature. An EA Team Member has issued a statement over at Reddit, which says:


Rightfully so, EA admits that this was the wrong move on their part and that they have since learned their lesson. That being said, their statement doesn’t say that they won’t be finding other ways to add in advertisements, but for now, the intrusive ads have been removed and we’re happy with that.

EA Sports UFC 4 is available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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