Early Concept Art for Kratos Revealed by God of War Artist

God of War was extremely well-received by fans upon release back in 2018, mainly due to the fact that the title showcased new and improved gameplay mechanics as well as a better, more complex version of Kratos.

Over two years have passed since its release, and now concept art for Kratos’ Norse version has been shared with fans. The concept art exhibits just how similar the warrior’s official armor looked to the initial concept.

Without a doubt, fans are more than excited for the release of God of War: Ragnarok, with some even making and posting memes about the highly-awaited sequel. Meanwhile, God of War’s art director at Santa Monica Studio recently posted photos on his official Twitter account revealing early concept art for Kratos.

Next to the original design, Raf Grassetti included the final model for Kratos so that fans can easily compare the two designs. If you take a close look at the two images, it’s really quite impressive how Grassetti’s first and final designs look so similar to each other.


Both designs feature Kratos’s iconic beard, while you will find similar lower body armor as well. Basically, the core concept for the initial design appears to remain present in the finished model.

That being said, one obvious difference between the two is the shoulder armor that Kratos wears. As you can see, the final design is far less fancy and decorative than the concept art, although the fur from the first model would probably be a better fit given the fact that God of War’s sequel will be set in the winter.

In addition to that, the first design has Kratos looking more muscular, while the final design gives him a more aged body. Last but not least, Kratos is holding a weapon on each hand in the initial concept art, and only one in the final model.

Instead of wielding two different kinds of weapons, however, it appears that Kratos is holding another Leviathon axe in his other hand. It’s possible that initially, Kratos was supposed to wield two axes in God of War 2018, functioning similarly to his Blades of Chaos.

That being said, the Leviathon axe is expected to play a significant role in God of War: Ragnarok, so it would make sense for the developers to remove the second weapon as not only could it cause balancing issues, but it would have made the axe less special and significant.


Still, we think having Kratos dual-wield weapons would be a great addition to Ragnarok. After all, Thor’s iconic hammer Mjolnir will be making its way to the game, and it would only be a matter of time before the protagonist gets his hands on it.

If you think about it, Kratos having two different throwable weapons could add a completely different mechanic to God of War’s gameplay, along with numerous possibilities when it comes to combos.

Perhaps the developers want to keep this feature a surprise, but we really shouldn’t be holding our breaths to avoid disappointment. Still, seeing the initial and final designs for Kratos has us hyped for God of War: Ragnarok more than ever.

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