Elden Ring” weapons that can still work and bring damage even if you are not using them – how does that sound to you? 

There are various items in “Elden Ring” that are capable of going beyond just the damage they inflict or have fancy Weapons Skills. These are known for their passive effects, or being active even if the player is not using them directly. 

Previously here on PVP Live, we have listed the best weapons in the game to defeat bosses effectively. This time around, we will talk about the best weapons and shields known for their passive effects. Let’s begin the rundown. 

1. Highland Axe

The first on this list, and probably the best of the best, is the Highland Axe. When equipped, this weapon increases the damage of Roar abilities by 10 percent, similar to what happens with Troll’s Roar or the heavy attacks from War Cry or Barbaric Roar. 

Plus, this effect would stack with the 15 percent coming from the Roar Medallion Talisman. Combined, these Weapon Skills will definitely let you dry the health bars of your enemies.

2. Twinbird Kite Shield

Meanwhile, the first shield on this list of the best with passive effects is the Twinbird Kite Shield. This is categorized as Medium Shield in the game. 

The Twinbird Kite Shield primarily scales with Strength, and being a Medium Shield, it features a good balance between weight and defense, which is useful for most situations while you are in combat. 

3. Cinquedea

Another great weapon to use with passive effects in “Elden Ring” is the Cinquedea. This dagger is capable of boosting the Bestial Incantations damage by 10 percent, stacking with the Clawmark Seal. 

Now, this weapon is quite unique because Bestial Incantations deal Physical damage and do not provide easy access to buffs when compared side-by-side with Elemental damage. Thus, this makes Cinquedea great for you if you intend to use Bestial Incantations occasionally. 

4. Great Turtle Shell

Nothing is perhaps more natural to use than the Great Turtle Shell. As the name implies, this shield is fashioned from a turtle shell. Its natural curve helps this shield contend with attacks from enemies. The turtle is a symbol of tirelessness, and this applies well to the Great Turtle Shell. It can boost your stamina recovery speed. 

However, take note that the Great Turtle Shell is a Medium Shield that necessitates 14 Strength to wield. It may not be the best defensive option, considering the other choices in the game. However, it is still a decent option for several buildings mainly because of its solid weight-to-protection ratio, how it boosts your stamina recovery rate, and its passive effects, of course.

5. Blasphemous Blade And Serpent-God’s Curved Sword

Now we have a duo right here that often goes together. First is the Blasphemous Blade. Considered one of the best for trumping bosses, this weapon has so many good effects that it almost seems unfair when you have this. Plus, it also heals you for a significant amount whenever an enemy passes away in your area. This weapon is also impeccably helpful as you explore the Lands Between. 

The weapon that goes with the Blasphemous Blade, the Serpent-God’s Curved Sword, also has passive effects. While the results are weaker compared with others’, you will still prefer this weapon because of it being lighter than the Blasphemous Blade. 

6. Lion Greatbow

Also a great weapon that many “Elden Ring” players choose to have because of its passive effects is the Lion Greatbow. 

This weapon primarily scales with Strength and Dexterity, and is a good choice for reneged combat enhanced with the Starscourge’s gravitational power, not to mention an additional unique skill, Radahn’s Rain. 

The Lion Greatbow also lets you fire a flurry of arrows and let it rain onto your opponents within range. You better have this. 

7. Spiralhorn Shield And Eclipse Crest Greatshield

The Eclipse Crest Greatshield and Spiralhorn Shield are two shields that you must also have at your disposal while playing “Elden Ring.” Both shields can increase your Focus, Robustness, and Immunity by 50. While that may be negligible for many gamers, but in practice, these stats increase your resistance to Frostbite, Poison, Bleed, Rot, Madness, and Sleep. 

Sure, you can use other shields with these capabilities, but the Eclipse Crest Greatshield and Spiralhorn Shield can protect you from all those at once. 

Of the two, the latter has the advantage of being extremely light, but it fails in the defense department. Should you need a better shield for defense, the former should be your choice.

8. Icon Shield

The Icon Shield is a Shield in “Elden Ring,” scaling primarily with Strength. It is categorized as a Greatshield, and being so, it may weigh so much, but still, it can provide the best protection among other shields in the game. 

Furthermore, this type of shield works ideally at reducing damage and guarding instead of parrying. 

You can obtain the Icon Shield inside a crumbling building at Woodfolk Ruins.

9. Sword Of Milos And Sacrificial Axe

We have another duo here, the Sword of Milos and the Sacrificial Axe. Both these weapons incur the same effect. That is, giving you a tiny amount of FP whenever an opponent dies around you. But of the two, the Sword of Milos is regarded as a better weapon since it inflicts more serious damage and has a fun Weapon Skill. 

Compared to the other, this weapon also gives you 5 FP per kill. Thus, the Sword of Milos is the best choice if you wish to use one of these weapons in combat. However, it weighs almost twice as much as the other, so use the Sacrificial Axe if you want a more lightweight weapon.

10. Pillory Shield

Last but definitely not least on this list of the best weapons and shields with passive effects is the Pillory Shield. 

This shield is categorized as a Small Shield in the game. Being such, it weighs very little and has the least amount of protection from attacks. However, it scales primarily with Strength. 

Use this shield if you prefer parrying instead of blocking. Being lightweight, it is excellent for agile and quick characters with low equipment weight capacity. 

“Elden Ring” is FromSoftware’s action role-playing game on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S, and Microsoft Windows.

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