Every Confirmed Detail From FromSoftware’s Newest Game: Elden Rings

Elden Ring is one of those much-anticipated games in which the internet can’t wait to read more. We saw the official Elden Ring reveal trailer from developer FromSoftware at the Xbox E3 2019 showcase in 2019, but it was the last time we saw it.

It’s clear to see why fans are eager about this latest project from the studio behind Dark Souls, Sekiro, and Bloodborne, with Game of Thrones author George RR Martin partnering with Dark Souls founder Hidetaka Miyazaki. Martin is responsible for the game’s mythos, and as a veteran of dark fantasy, his touch would certainly bring something extra unique to the realms that FromSoftware is renowned for.

Although it will maintain the difficult gameplay that From Games is renowned for, the company will be launching a new fantasy open-world title with a stronger emphasis on RPG elements. In that trademark FromSoftware way, the teaser was mysterious, yet it seemed to lead to some form of tragic occurrence in a dark, fantastical universe. We’ve collected everything we know about Elden Ring, from suggestions for a potential release date to the game’s design and mythos.

Here’s every detail confirmed about the upcoming Elder Rings game:

Elden Ring release date

With the announcement trailer for Elden Loop, FromSoftware did not specify a release date. Provided that FromSoft is operating with George R.R. Martin, we can only assume that whatever curse is stopping him from finishing The Winds of Winter doesn’t spread to Elden Ring. Until the end of time, we’d like to play it.

Elden Ring has been in production since the Dark Souls 3 DLC started, although it should have been placed on hold during the development of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. With 2020 behind us and no big Elden Ring news to share, it seems that we’re all in for a long wait.

Elden Ring trailer explained

Elden Ring’s E3 2019 launch video is still the most detailed collection of details regarding the game. And that’s not saying much since, like all of FromSoftware’s projects, Elden Ring’s story and setting seem somewhat obscure on purpose. However, if you want to see two minutes of a single pretty dark fantasy cutscene, check out the video below:

A warrior’s flesh-and-blood weapon is sacrificed for a metallic one, and a blacksmith destroys what might be the titular Elden Ring. The Elden Ring is a strong artifact of some kind, and its removal is said to bring confusion and calamity to the earth.

There’s an ogre, a battleground, and sinister narration in this game. When the game is released, it will most definitely be a little bit simpler — but not entirely so, if FromSoftware’s previous games are any indicator.

Which consoles will Elden Rings be released?

We didn’t get anything from the teaser, but thanks to an Xbox Wire interview with Miyazaki, we already realize that Elden Ring has been in production for quite some time. According to the interview, production started shortly after the Dark Souls 3 DLC was completed.

This suggests that it has been in production since 2017. Since this is the first time we’ve seen the game somehow, it’ll be a while until we get our hands on it or see some indicators of games in motion. For the time being, it’ll be available on PC, Xbox 1, and PlayStation 4.

Elden Ring’s plot

Apart from the teaser and bits of details gleaned from the Xbox Wire chat, we don’t have anything to go on for an Elden Ring plot. As previously stated, the Elden Ring has been shattered, which has had a significant impact on the world.


“The Elden Ring,” Miyazaki clarified, “is the name given to a mystical idea that determines the universe itself.” “This Elden Ring is no longer available. One of the game’s major themes will be the significance of this.” What an interesting idea.

The Dark Souls developer explained that much of his and Martin’s imaginative discussions acted as a basis for Martin to compose the game’s overall mythos. The mythos, Miyazaki concluded, proved to be full of fascinating characters and suspense, as well as a multitude of magical and enigmatic components. It’s certainly enigmatic.

Elden Ring’s setting

We don’t have a name for the area where Elden Ring takes place, and we haven’t seen anything of the setting in the E3 trailer. It does, though, have some seriously Norse vibes, and considering that they’ve hired the aid of Westeros’ puppet master to collaborate on the world’s mythology, we’re assuming there’ll be a lot of grimdark Viking influences. Miyakazi has listed castles about Elden Ring’s open-world so that we may be in for another medieval fantasy environment.

Elden Ring’s gameplay

Elden Ring’s gameplay is yet to be seen, but the FromSoftware Twitter account identifies it as an action RPG, as does Miyazaki, which is unsurprising. In his interview, Miyakazi believes that Elden Ring would put a stronger emphasis on RPG elements, suggesting that the Action RPG pendulum is likely to move back to Dark Souls land, away from Sekiro’s flirtation with action.


Miyazaki also reveals that large-time boss battles are still a major part of From Software’s formula in the Bandai Namco interview. “We love creating boss battles, and one of the climaxes in this title is one of them. We expect the players will be exposed to a broad range of special and frightening bosses.”

Elden Ring’s protagonist

Unlike Sekiro, which featured a called protagonist, Elden Ring sticks to the Dark Souls formula of character development in standard RPG fashion. Instead of a specifically established protagonist, we may play as a character that suits a specific position, such as “chosen undead” or “ashen one.”

How did George R.R Martin get involved with Elden Ring?


Although we don’t know anything about G.R.R.M’s imprint on this modern planet, we do know that even Miyazaki is enthralled by it. He identifies himself as a massive fan of Martin’s work and has been reported to suggest some of Martin’s books to recruits.

“The actual partnership started with Mr. Martin respectfully confirming what kinds of themes, designs, and many game-related things I had imagined for the title,” Miyazaki clarified. “Even I have difficulty holding my curiosity in balance from time to time. We hope that everybody else is enthusiastic about the future we’ve created.”

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