What is ELO Boosting?

ELO Boosting, also known as League Of Legends boosting, is a type of service where you allow someone that is higher in rank and far more skilled (known as a booster) than you are to help you get a higher rank in LoL.

Types of ELO Boosting

There are multiple different types of ELO Boosting; we will be sharing with you the most common ones.

Solo Boosting: This is the most common and known option, it is the option where you allow that talented booster to hop on your account and start playing ranked games for you either in the normal queues like Summoners Rift’s Solo Queue or even in Teamfight Tactics.

Duo Boosting : This is the least common option and usually is more expensive by boosting providers, it is the option where you play with the booster duo from your account while he is playing on a smurf account of his to Duo Q with you and start winning games together, so you rank higher in rank and get your desired rank.

I don’t understand what should I choose?

Worry not, we will help you in that article to choose the best boosting option for your desire.

We believe that the Solo LoL Boosting is a better option if you don’t want to break the bank, you don’t have the time to play with the booster yet you still want to get that rank quickly, or if you have ranked anxiety which is pretty normal by the way, and you don’t want to go through the stress and pressure of climbing in the ranked ladder.

On the other hand if you don’t mind paying this extra money to live the experience of playing with someone that is very talented and skilled, or you want to learn while you climb higher or if you are a bit concerned about the security of your account since you will have to share your account’s information with the booster in the solo option.

But why would I buy an ELO Boost?

We all have to agree that getting a higher ranking in League Of Legends is something that a lot of people that play the game look up to, there are hundreds of millions of players playing this game every month and being able to achieve something that they are simply incapable of doing is something to be proud of, and even brag about it sometimes.

It gives you that sense of accomplishment where you feel more satisfied with your life and that you have achieved one of your many goals.

It is very prestigious to achieve high rank, especially in a very competitive game like League Of Legends, and you will also be looked upon in the gaming community as someone talented and skilled to achieve this higher rank.

One extra perk of having a higher rank is that you can take discounts in Sushi restaurants in China for having a higher rank!

What should I look for in ELO Boosting?

Finding a good LoL Boosting service is definitely not an easy task, and sometimes could be vital to your account’s security, we call this the 5 elements of boosting.

  • Security. Security is definitely the most important thing, you have to make sure that this service is using SSL, VPNs when logging into your account, and encrypt your data, so it doesn’t get shared among many people.
  • Privacy. Privacy is the second most important factor; you don’t want everyone to know that you have been boosted to your rank which will take some of the joy of ranking higher, so make sure that the service you choose is using offline mode.
  • Pricing. Who doesn’t love to keep his money in his wallet? So you have to make sure the price is fair for what you get.
  • Customer Support. Support is very crucial when it comes to ELO Boosting; you need someone that will back you up in case things go south, so that’s why make sure you choose the best customer support in the market.
  • Talented Boosters. If all the other 4 elements are there, but this one is not, then all the efforts they do is simply gone. The first thing anyone should look for is the roster of talented boosters this boosting service has, so you as someone who is going to be using an Elo boost, should definitely make sure you get TOP CHALLENGER boosters only, and never settle for anything less than that.

This is one of the boosting services that could combine and perfect all the 5 elements together, feel free to pay them a visit, and know more information. https://zarosboosting.com


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