The journey to esports betting began with the legislative approval of HB347, which Governor Cooper signed into law, setting the stage for the launch of esports and sports betting by June 2024.

The North Carolina State Lottery Commission (NCSLC) took the helm in orchestrating the marketplace’s setup, focusing on implementing an 18% tax rate on online gambling operators. The legalization is projected to generate significant tax revenue, earmarked at $100.6 million by Fiscal Year 2027, a testament to the anticipated economic impact of legalized betting​.

Launch Dynamics and Operator Landscape

On March 11, 2024, North Carolina saw the official launch of its online sports betting platforms, coinciding with the ACC Tournament and March Madness. This launch facilitated by eight licensed operators, is a testament to the state’s commitment to offering a regulated betting environment.

Each operator, required to forge partnerships with local sports franchises or facilities, marks the beginning of a new chapter in North Carolina’s sports betting history. The presence of operators like FanDuel, BetMGM, and DraftKings, among others, underscores the competitive and diverse betting landscape that awaits fans.

Embracing Esports

The inclusion of esports betting in the new law is a forward-looking move, reflecting the state’s acknowledgment of esports’ growing prominence and its potential to attract a younger, digitally savvy demographic.

While still in its nascent stages in the U.S., the regulation around esports betting in North Carolina is poised to create conducive conditions for operators, paving the way for future growth in this segment.

The Betting Ecosystem and Market Opportunities

North Carolina’s approach to sports and esports betting is characterized by a robust regulatory framework and a vibrant market poised for growth. The successful launch aligns with significant sporting events like March Madness, providing an immediate boost in betting activity.

Moreover, the state’s open stance towards college sports betting, including in-state schools, sets it apart, offering bettors an expansive catalog of events to wager on​.

Economic and Social Impacts

The launch of sports and esports betting in North Carolina is more than just a gateway to new entertainment avenues; it represents a strategic economic initiative. With an 18% tax rate on sports betting revenue, the state anticipates a considerable increase in tax and fee revenue, which is expected to benefit the state’s education fund among other allocations.

Furthermore, provisions are in place to support gambling addiction and treatment services, highlighting a balanced approach towards maximizing economic benefits while addressing potential social challenges.

Top Esports Tournaments for Esports Betting Fan in North Carolina

In 2024, North Carolina is set to host various compelling esports tournaments, showcasing the state’s role in the competitive gaming scene. Fans of esports and competitive gaming betting can look forward to these events. The recently launched North Carolina sports betting apps will cover these tournaments and will release odds and other information regarding the tournaments.

League of Legends LCS Spring Finals at PNC Arena

The premier North American esports tournament brings the excitement of League of Legends, one of the world’s most popular esports, to Raleigh. As the basis for the Emmy-winning animated series “Arcane,” League of Legends enjoys a vast global fan base, making this event a significant highlight in the esports calendar.

The tournament is scheduled to take place in April 2024, offering fans a chance to experience the thrill of high-stakes competitive gaming live​.

North Carolina Varsity Esports & STEM League Season 2: State Finals

Focused on merging esports competition with educational initiatives in STEM, this tournament represents a unique blend of gaming and learning. The event, categorized as a B-Tier tournament, features a total prize pool of $10,350 USD and saw participation from four teams.

Carolina Games Summit

The event stands as a testament to the vibrant gaming and esports community in North Carolina. The Carolina Games Summit provides a comprehensive celebration of gaming culture by offering a wide array of activities beyond tournaments, such as arcade lounges, open game rooms, concerts, and cosplay.

With professionally run tournaments across various game titles, this summit is an essential gathering for gamers of all interests and skill levels. The event’s focus on competitive play, alongside its dedication to fostering a welcoming and inclusive community, underscores the growing significance of esports in the region.


North Carolina’s move into legal sports and esports betting shows its willingness to try new things and think about the future. By embracing the growing trend of esports along with traditional sports betting, the state is not just giving its people more ways to have fun but also setting up for big economic gains, better rules for betting, and a strong gaming scene.

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