Shiba Inu has remained popular among investors in the industry. The meme coin has ascended to the top of the food chain and is keeping its place. It has had repeated declines, as has the rest of the crypto market, leaving it at less than half of its all-time high, but this has had little effect on the outpouring of enthusiasm for the currency.

Despite being a very young project, small and major investors alike are still putting money into the altcoin, which has produced its fair share of crypto billionaires. As the accumulation of SHIB among this investment class has increased in recent times, Ethereym whales have adopted the most prominent posture in the altcoin.

Shiba Inu Accumulation Patterns Among Ethereum Whales In recent days, there has been a noticeable increase in Shiba Inu accumulation patterns among Ethereum whales. The meme coin has been revealed to be the most prominent among the top 1,000 Ethereum wallet holdings, which collectively hold a considerable quantity of Shiba Inu. Since the asset began to drop from its all-time high, these wallets have continued to accumulate it quickly.

The most recent example of this pattern was the acquisition of 4 trillion Shiba Inu by a single Ethereum address. The whale wallet has added a total of $136 million in SHIB in a 24-hour period, proving to be the most popular token among the top ethereum wallets once again.

The top 1,000 ethereum wallets currently contain the most SHIB coins, totaling $1,728,062,660, the most of any cryptocurrency.

Shiba Inu price chart from

Despite the fact that the digital asset has dropped significantly in the last few months, the bulk of Shiba Inu investors are still profitable. This figure currently stands at 55% of all SHIB holders in profit, with 10% in neutral territory. So far, just approximately 35% of companies have reported losses.

The data from IntoTheBlock depicts the meme coin’s great year. After an extraordinary rise that saw it reach an all-time high above $0.00008, the coin that had spent a significant amount of time in obscurity has found its way into the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market size. It has subsequently lost its footing and dropped to 13th rank, but it is still one of the largest cryptos in the market.

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