Every “Demon Slayer” fan knows that the anime is full of mysteries, which are also reflected in some of its characters, such as the ferocious Twelve Kizuki. In this discussion, PVP Live will rank each known member according to the Blood Demon Arts. 

Who Are The Twelve Kizuki?

Also referred to as the Twelve Demon Moons, the Twelve Kizuki is an organization comprised of the 12 strongest demons under the command of Muzan Kibutsuji, the Demon King. These 12 monsters serve as the main antagonists of the anime alongside Kibutsuji. 

What Are Blood Demon Arts?

Blood Demon Arts are spells and techniques that higher-level Demons could cast in the anime. They may also refer to the supernatural abilities that these Demons possess.

Now that you know the basic information about this discussion, let’s not stall you any longer as we proceed to the ranking.

Ranking Every Known Member Of The Twelve Demon Moons According To Their Blood Demon Arts

12. Kyogai – Lower Rank 6 – Room Manipulation And Control Using Drum Beats

Relatively, as far as this ranking is concerned, Kyogai is the weakest of the bunch. No wonder Kibutsuji has excluded him from the Twelve Kizuki following his defeat. 

His Blood Demon Art, which involves manipulating and controlling rooms using drum beats, seems to resemble that of Nakime. The drum beats are held on his body. 

11. Nakime – Upper Moon 4 – Infinity Castle

Nakime is also on the weaker side, at least with her Blood Demon Art. Following the death of its ex-holder, she got the place as she wasn’t originally a member of the Twelve Kizuki. 

His Blood Demon Art is called “Infinity Castle,” which is about creating eyeballs, warping reality, and summoning demons inside the Castle where Kibutsuji and her subordinates live. One of the reasons why her abilities are weaker than the others is that they only work in one place.

10. Rui – Lower Rank 5 – Thread Manipulation

On the other hand, Rui belongs to the family of spiders, comprising four members. He also hardly fought against Tanjiro Kamado, the anime’s hero. 

His Blood Demon Art is all about using a unique kind of thread when attacking his enemies. It is known as “Thread Manipulation.” This allows him to create incredibly thin, fragile threads from his cells and control them with the tip of his fingers like a puppet master, like a spider. However, the weakness of his power was evident when he was killed in a second with Giyu Tomioka’s slice.

9. Enmu – Lower Rank 1 – Dream Manipulation And Control

As he witnessed the Lower Rank demons perish before his eyes, Enmu only wanted to take revenge and kill each member of the Demon Slayers Corp. Thus, he once manipulated himself into a train and attempted to kill these demon slayers.

He did this with his Blood Demon Art, which involved controlling and manipulating other people’s dreams. But, versus Kamado’s mental control, his superpowers failed. Thus, he was killed without being of use to Kibutsuji. 

8. Gyokko – Upper Moon 5 – Summoning Creatures From A Pot

Gyokko may be one of the Upper Rank demons, but he is relatively weak. His Blood Demon Art contributes to this weakness. His power is summoning non-conscious like they’re fishes from a pot. Also, half of Gyokko’s body is submerged in the pot. When he reveals his entire body, he transforms himself into mermaid-like scales covering his body.

7. Daki – Upper Moon 6 – Obi Slash Manipulation

Daki was noteworthy during the anime’s Entertainment District Art when she fought with Tenzen Uzui, the Sound Hashira, as well as Kamado and his friends. She seeks the help of Gyutaro when fighting. Both of them possess equally powerful Blood Demon Arts. 

Daki’s Blood Demon Art is called “Obi Slash Manipulation,” which lets her create flower patterns the Obi sashes from her body. These Obi sashes are so sharp, like knives. Plus, she can even manipulate them freely. It is powerful, and using these sashes makes her a formidable threat in the anime’s battles. 

6. Gyutaro – Upper Moon 6 – Flying Blood Sickles

Gyutaro shares the spot of Upper Moon 6 with Daki. His Blood Demon Art is called “Flying Blood Sickles,” a power that allows him to release floods of blood blades over a vast space. 

However, it is interesting to note that despite his potent Blood Demon Art, the Sound Hashira was able to execute him. Later, before he died, he told Daki to go toward the light to seek a fresh new life without being a bad influence on her. This is quite dramatic. 

We’re down to those in the upper ranking, and they just get more powerful. Read on.

5. Hantengu – Upper Moon 4 – Manifesting Clones Of Himself, Embodying His Emotions

On rank five is Hantengu, who has quite an excellent Blood Demon Art. It is known as “Emotion Manifestation,” which allows him to manifest his emotions and create powerful clones of them. This power threatens the Demon Slayers. As you watch the anime, you will see how Hantengu ends up battling Kamado.

4. Kaigaku – Upper Moon 6 – Electrokinesis And Thunder Breathing

After the deaths of Daki and Gyutaro, Kaigaku took the position of Upper Moon 6. His Blood Demon Art involves manipulating black lightning and electricity from his flesh and blood, known as “Electrokinesis and Thunder Breathing.” That has made him a match for Demon Slayer Zenitsu Agatsuma.

3. Akaza – Upper Moon 3 – Destructive Death

Akaza was very powerful in “Demon Slayer: Mugen Train.” He can take close combats faster and more robust. His Blood Demon Art is called “Destructive Death,” which releases shock wave attacks and does martial arts. It is so potent that Akaza even got to kill Kyōjurō Rengoku using his flexibility and swiftness. This made him the third most powerful demon in terms of his Blood Demon Art. 

2. Doma – Upper Moon 2 – Cryokinesis

Ranking in second is Doma, a demon so powerful because of his Blood Demon Art that he is often feared. His Art is “Cryokinesis,” which lets you generate ice and frost from, get this, his blood and flesh. More so, he can spread the ice anywhere in his surroundings. He is not just Upper Moon 2 but possesses a strong Blood Demon Art, too.

Furthermore, inhaling his ice is poisonous and deadly. To prove his power, Kanae Kocho, also a Demon Slayer, got defeated by Doma without breaking a sweat. Even Akaza couldn’t beat him in battle. 

In addition to his icy abilities, he possesses inhuman movements and reflexes, making him the second most powerful Kizuki.

1. Kokushibo – Upper Moon 1 – Moon Breathing With Crescent Blade

Kokushibo, the highest-ranking Demon in the Twelve Kizuki, is also the strongest in terms of their Blood Demon Arts. Almost five centuries ago, he was a Demon Slayer. Interesting. He is the twin brother of Yoriichi Tsugikuni, the strongest Demon Slayer in the story. 

But he became a Demon later on. His Blood Demon Art allows him to craft crescent moon blades when slashing. These blades even have various shapes and sizes. 

Moreover, he also has this unique breathing style known as “Moon Breathing,” through which he can further create more techniques. This astonishing capability ranks him as the most powerful demon, just trailing behind Kibutsuji.

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