Everything We Know So Far About Crimson Desert

Korean game studios Pearl Abyss introduces Crimson Desert, a medieval fantasy adventure that promises to have a lot to give. The developer is also responsible for the famous 2014 MMORPG Black Desert Online. The open-world action RPG follows a number of protagonists, from strong lords to lowly peasants, as they strive to live in Pywel’s large continent, navigating numerous biomes and the hostile inhabitants that populate them, as well as experiencing political conflicts.

The reveal trailer for Crimson Desert premiered back in November 2020, offering audiences a glimpse into an epic, breathtaking universe and the obstacles that its people would face. To further pique fans’ curiosity, the Game Awards 2020 included a lengthy gameplay trailer that revealed combat-heavy fighting sequences, spectacular landscapes, and fantastical elements, including portals and dragons.


Crimson Desert bills itself as a game that tests allegiances and builds heroes and legends. Players won’t be able to fight off against a lot of challenges on their hands, so they’ll have to search out allies and earn their trust in order to form a band of mercenaries to face legendary beasts, aggressive combatants, maniacal dictators, and a slew of other threats in Pywel.

Crimson Desert Release Date

Crimson Desert is yet to be issued a definite release date. However, with the announcement of the latest gameplay trailer, players now have some details on what players should expect this widely awaited title to be published. Crimson Desert will most likely have a year jam-packed with a ton of information as the season approaches, with a release window set for Winter 2021.

Until now, Pearl Abyss has maintained a low profile when it comes to this latest title. However, based on the clips seen in the Game Awards teaser, it indicates that the team has made considerable strides in the production of Crimson Desert. Of course, a lot can change during the game’s development. Even if the stressful gameplay seen in the trailer is indicative of the game’s real gameplay, a Winter 2021 release date seems quite exciting.

Crimson Desert Trailer Breakdown

Crimson Desert’s recent trailer showed plenty of bloody gameplay for players to enjoy. The game’s combat took center stage in the trailer, with nearly the entire clip devoted to demonstrating how fluid the game’s fighting is.

If this game is anything like its predecessor, Black Desert, it will almost certainly feature RPG elements. Even if there are numbers involved, the thrill of brutally crushing enemies with axes, swords, bows, and daggers will not be diminished.

According to the official website for Crimson Desert, player choice appears to be an important mechanic in the game that will influence the story’s events. Maybe this has something to do with how the player will have to choose a faction to support? It’s still unclear how this will be implemented. Regardless, the player will be an active participant in the story, with consequences for their actions.

Crimson Desert Gameplay

The game Crimson Desert was originally planned to be a prequel to Black Desert Online, but Pearl Abyss later agreed to change its mind. Now, the game is expected to be released as a standalone title with some ties to Black Desert Online. Crimson Desert, on the other hand, will feature new characters and a new plot. There will be high-quality graphics, visuals, and everything else.

Crimson Desert, unlike Black Desert Online, is a single-player game that will be released soon. It will include a unique storyline for each of the characters, as well as personalized settings for the characters. However, once the pandemic outbreak is under control, it is possible that the game’s details will be announced soon.


As a result, gamers will be treated to a totally new game, complete with a new storyline, new characters, and a unique experience. It’s a bummer that you can’t play this game with others in multiplayer mode.

Crimson Desert Setting And Story

Crimson Desert is set in the vast yet divided world of Pywel, a war-torn realm with harsh deserts, massive and dangerous cities, vast plains, and much more to discover – not dissimilar to the setting of Black Desert Online. The King of Demeniss, the Unifier of Lands, is helpless in a coma. Some people want to take advantage of this weakness by imposing their own rule, while others simply want independence.

Players assume the role of MacDuff, a mercenary who must assemble a team of battle-hardened fighters to reclaim his people’s lands from threatening foes such as corrupt rulers or a mysterious Desert-based cult. To do so, MacDuff must travel to Pywel and earn the trust of a diverse cast of characters, each with their own backstory and reasons for joining, avoiding, or opposing MacDuff’s mercenary company.


Players can hack and slash their way through enemies in the broad plains of Akapen, try to survive the inhabitable cold lands of Kweiden, and travel through the Desert Oases in the shoes of a protagonist resembles Jon Snow from Game of Thrones.

Although Pearl Abyss warns that “gritty realism often precedes aesthetic beauty,” and that players may have to “scrape away the grime to see it,” each area has its own distinct look. Players may come across “filthy alleys, destitute hovels, and marketplace language that would make even a Troll blush,” according to the game’s description. Pywel may contain mysterious beings from a distant world, “perhaps even a world that exist time yet to be,” rather than a typical fantasy setting.

Players’ actions, big or small, have an effect on the plot in Crimson Desert, which is mainly based on single-player but has multiplayer features such as PvP and a battle structure that enables players to use team attacks in a shared environment. Players will be able to solve ancient mysteries with the help of a variety of weapons that can be customized in a variety of ways, making this an open-world RPG that many are looking forward to.

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