It has been almost a decade since the launch of “Mario Kart 8,” the hit racing game featuring the iconic video game character, so fans are asking: When is the next game in the series coming out? Here’s everything PVP Live knows so far about “Mario Kart 9.”

Nintendo Has Been Keeping Mum About It

It has been almost 10 years, so perhaps it is just right for fans to crave a new “Mario Kart” game. Unfortunately, Nintendo, the publisher and developer of the game, has been very silent on the upcoming new game in the series after the release of “Mario Kart 8” in 2014 and “Mario Kart 8 Deluxe” in 2017.

The Economic Times indicated that “Mario Kart 8 Deluxe” is thus far the largest racing video game of all time since its release on Switch that year, selling a whopping 57 million copies in September 2023 through Nintendo.

However, there are rumors and speculations that avid fans can bank on regarding the next game.

Characters: From Pikachu To Donkey Kong

Let’s start with the characters. As with any other game, fans look forward to discovering the characters appearing in “Mario Kart 9.” 

Rumors say that they should expect characters such as Pikachu from “Pokémon,” Fox McCloud from “Star Fox,” Kirby from the “Kirby” franchise, and Captain Falcon from “F-Zero” will all be treating the gamers of “Mario Kart 9.” 

More characters and racers from the previous “Mario Kart” games are also rumored to appear, such as Luigi, Peach, Bowser, and, of course, Mario, as well as Donkey Kong, who is from another popular Nintendo video game series. 

The Plot Twist In ‘Mario Kart 9’

One of the most remarkable features of every new “Mario Kart” game is its crazy plot twist. You have seen this through the anti-gravity racing in “Mario Kart 8,” the doubling-up of characters on a single kart in “Mario Kart: Double Dash,” and the underwater and glider gameplay in “Mario Kart 7.”

Speculations reveal that “Mario Kart 9” will be no exception to these plot twists. 

Around two years ago, Markomaro, a gaming insider, hinted that the upcoming “Mario Kart” game would also be a crossover with “Super Smash Bros.,” as well as would focus on “the online community.” 

“The main idea and the best way to describe it was like a ‘MK’ x ‘Smash’ Bros with a big focus [on] the online community with lots of weekly stuff to do and new ways to race (not just Karts and bikes) and new ways to take down other racers,” Markomaro posted on X.

Of course, new characters following this crossover will also be seen. 

Fans Would Love To See These Features In ‘Mario Kart 9’

Some of the features that avid “Mario Kart” games want to see in the next game are:

  • Single-player story mode
  • Non-Mario characters
  • New items and power-ups from other “Mario” games
  • Achievements and challenges with trophies
  • In-game coin shop where players can spend coins collected from races
  • New modes for local and online multiplayer
  • Fresh, new tracks
  • Customizable character costumes
  • Track Maker Mode

Release Date

There is no official information yet about the release date of “Mario Kart 9,” but rumors say it is launching in 2025. 

Is ‘Mario Kart 9’ Coming To Switch?

Great question. But all we can count on now are rumors. Yes, these rumors say “Mario Kart 9” is arriving on Switch.

“Mario Kart” is a series of kart racing games from Nintendo.

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