Evil Dead The Game Delayed To Next Year But Will Add Single Player Mode

The release of Saber Interactive’s Evil Dead: The Game has been postponed until next year, and it will include solo play. The forthcoming competitive survival game is based on the popular horror film series that started in 1981. Four players will take on the roles of survivors in Evil Dead: The Game, featuring Bruce Campbell’s renowned series protagonist Ash Williams, who must fight to survive against terrifying supernatural adversaries.

Developer Saber Interactive unveiled additional plot and gameplay information for Evil Dead: The Game at the Game Awards in December 2020. The game appears to be highly influenced by previous films in the franchise, such as 1981’s Evil Dead and 1987’s Evil Dead II, which had adolescents imprisoned in the woods by monsters, and which followed the traditional horror movie premise of teenagers being trapped in the woods by monsters.

The game’s playable characters, on the other hand, come from all corners of the long-running franchise, including the 1992 action comedy Army of Darkness and the just-ended television series Ash versus Evil Dead. The forthcoming Evil Dead game, like other recent titles such as Dead by Daylight and Friday the 13th: The Game, uses a horror movie backdrop to create exciting and dramatic asymmetrical multiplayer settings.


Saber Interactive stated on Twitter that Evil Dead: The Game has been postponed until February 2022. The asymmetrical multiplayer adventure was originally scheduled for release in 2021, but more time is being spent polishing it.

With the extra time, Saber will be able to add a single-player feature to the game, enabling players to live out their Evil Dead dreams without the need for any other characters. Stay tuned for additional announcements in the near future, including pre-order availability and a new gameplay video starring Bruce Campbell himself, according to the developer.

Some fans were surprised to see Bruce Campbell in Evil Dead: The Game, considering the popular actor was said to be retiring from the role of Ash Williams following the 2018 finale of the Ash versus Evil Dead television series.

Now Campbell is reprising his role as the Deadite-slaying warrior, and he recently narrated a new Evil Dead: The Game gameplay teaser, which debuted at the Summer Game Fest in June. The teaser, which features Bruce Campbell as the lone Kandarian Demon, showcases gameplay for both the game’s four survivors and the lone Kandarian Demon. Survivors can use melee attacks or guns to defeat opponents, but the devil might use unusual tactics including possessing survivors and turning them against their comrades.

Evil Dead: The Game appears to provide a true Evil Dead experience, appealing to fans of the film franchise as well as gamers of asymmetric multiplayer games. The graphical style is distinctive, and aspects from the whole franchise have been incorporated to create the ultimate Evil Dead display. While the game’s postponement until 2022 is frustrating for eager fans, the extra time to refine and enhance the experience should allow it to reach its full potential.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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