When you are on your fun road trip in New Zealand, Picton is a destination you should not miss. Although it is usually seen as just a stopover point on a journey to the South Island from Wellington, Picton is worth staying.

The quaint seaside town is perfect for a relaxing vacation. So, find your accommodation in Picton right away to experience peace and tranquility away from the hustle-bustle of city life. Below is a list of amazing things to do in Picton, which will change your perspective about this place.

Edwin Fox Maritime Museum

If you are into history, you should not miss visiting the Edwin Fox Maritime Museum at Picton. It is a preservation project that is dedicated to Edwin Fox, the world’s ninth oldest surviving ship made of wood at more than 160 years old.

This ship has a fascinating sea life serving predominantly as merchant’s vessel with numerous duties, including transporting civilian passengers, general cargo, convicts from Britain to Australia and New Zealand before passing its last years in transporting coal.

Marlborough Sounds Boat Cruise

If you are an international tourist, you may not be aware that Picton is Marlborough Sounds’ gateway. Marlborough Sounds is a unique and stunning natural wonder, which is the collection of inlets and sunken river valleys covering 4000 km. sq.

You can witness break-taking sight to see from land and even more striking from the sea. While exploring in the boats, you will have a great chance to interact with the friendly locals as well.

Wine Tour

Picton has the virtue of being on the doorstep of amongst New Zealand’s most renowned wine regions – the Marlborough Region. This region is famous all over the world for its wines, specifically Sauvignon Blanc. If you book yourself on a wine tour, you can sample the best wines there. You will also get to learn about different varietals, tasting notes, winemaking processes, food pairings, etc. for a superb all-round experience.

Hiking Queen Charlotte Track

If you want to quench your thirst for adventure, cycling or hiking the Queen Charlotte Track would do the job. This track is stretch for 70 km to Anakiwa from Ship Cove. While completing this activity, you will come across some of the most picturesque sceneries of New Zealand.

You will pass through the native New Zealand bush, in and around inlets and coves, along the peninsula ridgelines in your 3-5 day hike. You can stay at private accommodation or campsites by the Department of Conservation along the route. If you are a true nature lover looking for an extraordinary experience alongside coastal lines, taking the Queen Charlotte Track is highly advisable.

Apart from these, Picton has lots of bars and restaurants serving mouthwatering food and boozy cocktails, beer, and other liquor. Visit Picton if you are in New Zealand and want to relax for a few days to charge your batteries amidst nature. There are hiking, cycling, kayaking, swimming, and various other adventurous and relaxing activities in Picton apart from the overall scenic natural beauty.

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