Business professionals need a car that is easy to maintain and befits their corporate image.

After all, they use these vehicles to attend business meetings, and a shabby car won’t do.

In some cases, executives might even need to entertain their business clients by ferrying them to entertainment jaunts.

Therefore, the mode of transportation they opt for matters a great deal.

With these parameters in mind, the vehicle chosen by the modern business executive not only needs to present the right look but should be spacious enough as well.

The following are the top choices of business cars that you can buy for the modern executive.


The BMW 5 Series is one of the most stylish executive cars you can get for your business needs.

The car comes with a host of useful technological features, including a lane-keeping warning system, adaptive LED headlights, and adaptive cruise control.

The 2021 plug-in hybrid models also boast greater power, having received an upward power bump of 40hp, which enables the car to accelerate from 0-60mph in just 5.7 seconds.

As far as convenience is concerned, the vehicle’s remote parking feature is arguably its best technological feature.

It assists you in parking the vehicle by taking over the steering mechanism and calculating the movement distances and turns needed to park. So efficient is this function that you can even have the car park itself while you stand outside!

BMW 5 Series


In terms of looks, the BMW 5 Series retains the classic BMW style lines and kidney grille. However, the newer models have had lightweight carbon fiber incorporated in their construction, making the car lighter and more fuel-efficient.


Since production on the Toyota RAV 4 began in 2004, the car has surely come a long way.

While its earliest predecessors could hardly qualify to be termed executive cars, the later models have covered this distance in leaps and bounds to secure a position in the budget-friendly corporate market segment.

The Toyota RAV 4 Business Edition comes bearing trim specifications designed to cater to the needs of the corporate driver.

These include heated front leather seats and a spacious cabin with tons of head and legroom.

Also, the vehicle’s infotainment pack is presented in the form of Toyota’s Touch 2 with Go Plus system, which features satellite navigation and updated maps. And as a bonus, for new purchases, you will get the first three years’ worth of satellite navigation free.

Figure 1Toyota Rav 4 Hybrid


Besides, the package also supports Bluetooth connectivity, internet connectivity, voice recognition, and digital radio.

For ease of parking, there are electric door mirrors as well as a rearview camera for a more excellent range of visibility.


When we speak of lavishly appointed interiors, the Volvo S90 is among the executive cars that spring to mind.

It takes its position among the greats at the high end of the business class spectrum.

The Volvo S90 is a car that embodies serenity and comfort, thanks to its spacious interior, whose finish is done in fine leather and open-pore wood.

The leather seats not only consist of a driver’s memory driving seat but also of 14-way adjustable passenger seats set in a cavernous cabin that can comfortably accommodate even the tallest of occupants.

Technological features include a 9-inch Sensus touchscreen housing all your infotainment needs. Safety-wise, the car’s Intelligent Pilot Assist ensures your vehicle always stays a safe distance from the vehicle ahead of you.

Volvo has also included its Interior Ambience Concept in this vehicle to make your drive even more memorable.

It is a system that blends vision, sound, and sensory experiences to render a relaxed, serene environment.

By selecting from a menu of preset settings, the car’s headliner transforms into relaxing visuals while the car’s inbuilt fragrance dispenser delivers a corresponding scent to suit the mood.

2Volvo S90



Hailed as the most intelligent business saloon in its class, the Mercedes E Class boasts of safety and comfort features that few of its rivals can match.

The active brake assist feature is there to warn you of impending collisions while supplementing the driver’s braking. Where necessary, the brake assist system can pump the brakes autonomously.

Yet another helpful safety mechanism on this vehicle is the attention assist, which warns drivers in cases where the system detects inattentiveness or drowsiness on their part.

The car’s adjustable suspension assures you of comfortable rides no matter the kind of road on which you happen to drive.


Figure 3 Mercedes E Class


The intelligent MBUX infotainment system is responsive to voice and gesture control and can even regulate the vehicle’s internal temperature.


The Audi A6 is one of the large executive cars to watch. It brings you decent fuel economy thanks to its light aluminum materials.

Even with its fuel economy, the Audi A6 nonetheless delivers a highly responsive and agile ride.

The car’s cruise control function and city assist mechanisms help the driver prevent collisions.

In particular, the city assist system helps you look out for any cars emerging from feeder roads near you.

Aesthetically speaking, the Audi A6’s futuristic styling cues are an attractive option for any modern-day business executive.

The vehicle bears sleek, crisp lines and comes in three engine variants. On the one hand, are the 2.0 and 3.0 Liter TDI diesel engines’ while on the other hand, we have three TFSI petrol engines.

The car is also available as a petrol-electric hybrid.


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