Experience New and Improved Shark RPG Maneater On The Next-Gen Consoles


Those who are planning to get either a PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, or an Xbox Series S probably already have a lot of titles they plan to try out at launch.

In the meantime, those who weren’t able to preorder the consoles or who plan to get them at a later time can play the games on current-gen consoles as well, as they have the option to upgrade them for free to the next-gen.

Some of the games this applies to include Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Dirt 5, Watch Dogs Legion, and now, Maneater makes the list.

Even though Maneater isn’t a brand-new game (it was launched for the PC as well as consoles last May), Tripwire Interactive and Deep Silver announced that the shark RPG title will be making its way to the Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PS5 when they launch.

The announcement came as the companies celebrated the fact that the game was able to shift over 1 million copies all over the world.


If you’re not that sure what Maneater is, it’s best described as an open-world action-RPG where you have to control a baby shark and help it eventually grow into one of the most dangerous predators of the ocean. Some would even call it a “shARkPG” — witty, right?

You won’t be just fighting marine life in Maneater, no, you’ll be given a chance to fight humans as well as mighty apex predators. Gradually, as you progress, you’ll be able to get your retribution against the evil fishermen who heartlessly dismembered you.

On the next-gen consoles, Maneater will be sporting all kinds of new upgrades, such as ray tracing support, 4K HDR at 60fps, new lighting effects, improved visuals overall, as well as smoother gameplay.

The developers have also confirmed that these same upgrades will be applicable to the Xbox Series S as well.

On the other hand, PC players don’t have to feel so left behind because when Maneater gets released for the PC, it will also receive the next-gen enhancements. More information about these upgrades will be announced in the months to come.


That said, it won’t matter if the next-gen editions will have extra content or not. However, those who already purchased Maneater on either the PS4 or Xbox might as well upgrade anyway.

The reason for this is because they have the option to upgrade the game to its respective PS5 and Xbox Series X version free of charge, just like the other cross-gen titles.

When Maneater was first released, it received average to positive reviews from critics, as they appreciated the game’s satirical script and humor. They found the exploration aspect of the game to be enjoyable, as well.

However, even though the gameplay was fun, it pretty much got repetitive after a while. At the time of writing, a Nintendo Switch version of Maneater has yet to be released. There’s no release date yet, as well, but fans are hoping that the developers will be able to launch it before the year ends.

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