Many people in Singapore prefer to use an Apple iPhone since it is well designed and considered more reliable compared to the other smartphones which are available. These iPhone users like to use the latest iPhone model since it has better features. However since the new iPhone model released by Apple will use the latest technology, most users are aware that it is likely to be expensive. Hence individuals who are planning to purchase the new iPhone after it is available for sale would like to find out the iPhone 12 pro price in Singapore so that they can plan their finances accordingly and get the latest model at the earliest.


Apple is offering at least three different models of iPhone Pro 12, whose price and specifications vary depending on the RAM or memory they have. Since phones with more memory are able to store more data, they are more expensive. The manufacturer has to include more memory in the smartphone with more memory, and this increases the cost. The iPhone user can choose between different options 128 GB memory, 256 GB memory, and 512 GB memory for the iPhone 12 depending on how he is using the phone. Individuals who are not storing much data on their iPhone can choose the model with 128 Gb memory and get a lower price.


The iPhone buyer should be aware that the price of the iPhone will vary depending on the payment option selected by the buyer and who the seller is. The user can purchase the iPhone directly online or offline from an Apple store. For this, he will have to make the payment of the entire amount upfront or pay in installments. Since most iPhone users will be using their iPhone for internet access, many of the telecom companies in Singapore are offering iPhone bundles combining phone, internet usage, and iPhone cost. This makes it easier for the individual to purchase the latest iPhone

If he opts for the telco plan, the user will usually have to pay a smaller amount up front and then pay monthly installments. There is usually a limit to the amount of time the internet user will speak on the phone or send messages since most people are very busy. So usually 300 minutes of talk time and 300 SMSes are adequate for most users since they do not use up the entire quota. Usually, the plan varies in the amount of data transfer that they allow each month. While the basic plan includes twenty GB of data transfer monthly, the installment which includes the iPhone cost will increase depending on the monthly data transfer which can be 80 GB or more based on usage patterns.

If the iPhone buyer opts for a contract for a period of two years, the amount he will have to pay upfront will vary depending on the plans he selects. If he chooses a plan with more data transfer, he will have to pay less upfront and more monthly, usually $110.95 for an 80 GB plan. For the basic plan, he will have to pay a large amount upfront for the iPhone, $1020 for the basic model. If the contract period is longer for three years, the monthly installment will be less

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