Fake Gyms Pop Up in New Pokemon Go Glitch

Pokemon Go has had its fair share of bugs and glitches, and only recently a new one has sprung up. So far, Niantic has been pretty quick in fixing any issues that players encounter. However, albeit this latest glitch is bizarre, it doesn’t really do any harm to the players’ progress or gameplay.

More specifically, this new bug has been causing fake gyms to pop up in-game near players’ locations. The first reported sighting comes from a Reddit post, wherein the player was standing by and waiting for the daughter of their girlfriend only to receive a Remote Raid invite.

Remote Raid is a new Pokemon Go feature that was added to the game early this year, and it allows you to participate in nearby raids. In that way, you don’t need to leave your home in order to take part in a raid.

[Bug] Gym showed up by my gf’s house after leaving remotely invited raid from TheSilphRoad

Even though the player accepted the invite, nothing was happening and no one else was joining the raid. So, after 20 seconds of waiting, they decided to leave. Upon arriving home, however, a new gym hosting a Mega Raid popped up near their girlfriend’s house. This was the same raid the player initially tried to join.

Other players have commented in the Reddit post stating that the same thing happened to them, as well, especially when receiving raid invites. Fortunately, there are no reports yet that the glitch is harming Pokemon Go’s gameplay. Plus, the fake gyms usually just go away if you close and restart the app.

That said, one Reddit user may have the answer as to what’s causing the issue. According to the user, the new remote raiding feature is the one creating fake gyms that are then used for the raid you’re joining. However, the fake gym is supposed to disappear once the raid is over.


It’s likely that a memory leak occurs during these times, which prevents the game from removing the fake gym. We’re not sure yet if this glitch is intentional or not, but some say that it’s Niantic’s way of preventing performance issues.

In the meantime, you might want to start working on unlocking the Mega Bracelets found in Pokemon Go’s September event.

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