Fall Guys Asks Help From Fans in Naming New Obstacle

This doesn’t come as a surprise, but the Fall Guys Twitter account has been asking fans for help in naming the medieval equivalent of Big Yeetus, which will be making its way to the game once Season 2 starts.

Falls Guys: Ultimate Knockout is constantly rising in popularity, and Mediatonic is doing its best to improve the title – or perhaps make it more chaotic than it already was initially. Not too long ago, Fall Guys finally introduced Big Yeetus, a giant hammer that’s constantly swinging.

In other words, Big Yeetus could either help you win the game by unintentionally swinging you towards the goal line, or by completely ruining the challenge for you.

The existence of this new obstacle has already been causing havoc, either in the form of wasting time as some have been trying to line up the jellybean with the hammer, or by sending the little guys into glitched-out areas that force them out of the game.

Mediatonic has a lot of things planned for Season 2 and we’re excited along with them. The developers revealed in Gamescom 2020 that this second season will be medieval-themed, and with it comes new matching stages and costumes.


One thing that the new stages will have is new obstacles like moving blocks, which fans are not that excited about since it will require cooperating with strangers. In line with that, one of the new obstacles will be another huge hammer, although this time it will follow the medieval theme.

It appears that Fall Guys hasn’t decided on what to name this obstacle yet, so they have decided to ask Twitter users for some suggestions. To give you a better idea about Big Yeetus’ counterpart, it appears to be much bigger and more capable of flinging players completely off the stage.

The upcoming obstacle also comes with spikes, so its sure to cause a lot more chaos than Big Yeetus already does. The new hammer appears to be based off of actual warfare devices that were used during the olden times.

However, the Fall Guys Twitter account doesn’t seem to be looking for a historically-accurate name. These suggestions were given special mention on their Twitter account, so they might be the developers’ favorites for now:

  • Thicc Bonkus
  • Yeetinator
  • Sir Yeetalot
  • Stump Chunkman
  • Mince Meatus
  • Chonky Roll
  • Long Rollus

That being said, you can still make your suggestions now as they’re still accepting submissions.

That being said, Mediatonic is also trying to find other ways to make the game even better outside of Fall Guys Season 2. As a matter of fact, they implemented anti-cheat measures along with the release of Big Yeetus last week.

More specifically, the developers added the Easy Anti-Cheat system because Cheater Island didn’t turn out the way they had hoped. This is the system that Epic Games uses to protect Fortnite from cheaters and hackers.

Aside from that, Mediatonic has also been working on Slime Climb and trying to make it better, as it is considered to be one of the most difficult stages in the game.

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