Fall Guys Partner With Gris For New Crossover Skin

Ever since the release of Fall Guys, Mediatonic has released a whole bunch of content. Even though the new mini-games as well as the game’s mechanics are already pretty well-loved by the fans, crossover skins are still one of the most sought-after rewards you can get in Fall Guys.

Now, fans are beyond excited about the new announcement that Mediatonic has made via the Fall Guys Twitter account. In this announcement, the studio reveals that they have added a brand-new skin to the game-show battle royale.

More specifically, this new skin is based on the indie title Gris. Fall Guys is known for partnering with a lot of strange or underrated titles ever since its release. However, it seems that Gris may be one of its more unusual crossovers.

The only thing that links these two games together is the fact that both are published by Devolver Digital. However, asides from that, these two titles are completely different from one another.


First and foremost, Gris a beautifully-made, emotionally-rich game that encourages players to go through the game at a much slower pace compared to how you would normally play Fall Guys. After all, the latter is a game where players have to rush around in chaos in order to try and get the crown.

Despite their complete difference tone-wise, Mediatonic still partnered with Nomada Studios in order to bring a Gris skin to existence. This new skin allows players to embellish their jellybean characters with Gris’ – the protagonist of the game – vibrant blue hair.

The crossover skin also matches Gris’ simple and minimalist art style, which is why it’s not as detailed as the other skins from previous collaborations.

On the downside, however, it appears that the Gris skin will not be available for very long on the Crown Store. As a matter of fact, it’s scheduled to leave the store this upcoming Tuesday, September 29.

Another possible disadvantage to this crossover skin is its price. At the moment, you can purchase the skin for 10 crowns, which is a fairly expensive amount given the fact that these Fall Guys crowns can only be obtained by winning final rounds.


On the other hand, its priciness doesn’t really come as a surprise because the crossover skins in Fall Guys are usually the expensive ones. So, those players who are the most interested in the skin probably expect to fork over a lot anyway.

There’s no need to worry if you miss out on this collaboration, though. It’s highly likely that Fall Guys will be having more partnerships with other games in the future, bringing with it more cosmetic upgrades.

We can say this with no doubts since Mediatonic has already collaborated with various other games since its launch, such as Half-Life. As a matter of fact, the studio has also expressed an interest in doing a crossover with major titles such as Fortnite.

Fall Guys has also teased fans by revealing that the upcoming medieval-themed season will feature new cosmetics.

Speaking of Season 2, the Fall Guys developers recently took to Twitter to ask fans what they should name Big Yeetus’ medieval counterpart, so you might want to check that out here.

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