Fall Guys Season 2 Will Be Adding New Knight Fever Level

It’s only been a few months since Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout was released and consequently exploded in popularity. Now, Mediatonic has been teasing fans with its upcoming second season.

The second season of Fall Guys is scheduled to go live this October 8, and it features a bunch of new content for players to enjoy such as new costumes and courses.

Speaking of teasers, a new video was released today showcasing a brand-new level that will be coming to Fall Guys Season 2, which will completely test not only your skills but your patience as well.

This new course is called Knight Fever, and it’s basically a round one race that has obstacles that will most likely stress you out. Whether you’re new to the platformer battle royale or not, Knight Fever’s obstacle-laden course will definitely challenge you like no other race has in Fall Guys.

Similar to other mad dash courses in the game, Knight Fever will also be separated into two. From what we can see in the video, you will first have to race uphill all while trying to avoid swinging axes on narrow platforms.


If you somehow survive that first part, you will be treated to a lovely walk across a spike-covered log. It’s all downhill from there – both literally and figuratively. As your little jellybean character goes downhill, you will be met with a field of axes trying to unbalance you.

After that, you will have to cross another dangerous bridge that has holes in it, as well as swinging logs that will definitely slow you down on your run. Last but not the lease – yes, it’s not over yet – you then proceed to cross drawbridges that seemingly open and close randomly.

Ever since the game’s release, developer Mediatonic has been finding different ways to make Fall Guys even more challenging for players. One thing they’ve been doing to ensure that the battle royale remains fresh and relevant is adding new courses.

However, they have also added new obstacles to already-existing courses, too. For instance, the ginormous hammer called Big Yeetus was added to the game during a mid-season update.

The addition of Big Yeetus definitely made familiar courses turn into uncharted territory. That being said, Fall Guys has a smart community, so some fans have been using Big Yeetus as a way to cover extra distance despite the fact that it’s supposed to be an obstacle.


Even though Mediatonic wants the players to feel challenged, they also care enough to hear out the fans’ complaints. Just last week, Lead Designer Joe Walsh responded to a Reddit thread that talked about how grinding for the Season 1 battle pass was extremely frustrating.

Walsh mentioned in the thread that Mediatonic had heard the community’s complaints about the battle pass for Season 1. Thus, the team will be making sure that Season 2’s battle pass will be significantly easier to successfully complete.

Fall Guys Season 2, with its medieval theme, will have numerous new features and we can experience them all once it’s released this October 8.

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