Fall Guys Season 3 Winter Wonderland Trailer Officially Unveiled During The Game Awards

We’ve known for a while now that Mediatonic was working on the third season of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout and that the theme was centered around winter. It was still exciting to hear about it during The Game Awards 2020 though, especially since the event unveiled Season 3 with a winter wonderland trailer.

The trailer not only showcased the adorable new skins, but the new stages were highlighted as well. In addition to that, fans now know when Fall Guys Season 3 will go live thanks to the trailer.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout was only released early this year, with players finding enjoyment in its silly yet competitive gameplay. The game was so successful upon launch, however, that players experienced server crashes multiple times during its first few days of release.

This didn’t really come as a surprise though, as the developer most likely didn’t expect the game to be as popular as it is now, and so the game was understandably overwhelmed by the sheer amount of players.


Fall Guys easily climbed its way to the top of the charts, with the PC version alone selling over 11 million copies. After the highly-successful Season 1, Mediatonic then released the medieval-themed Season 2, which introduced new skins and stages that corresponded with the theme.

For the past couple of days, Mediatonic via the official Fall Guys Twitter account has been spending a lot of time teasing and promoting the upcoming third season. Its winter theme seems appropriate too, given the fact that we’re already in December and therefore nearing the holiday/winter season.

A new obstacle for Season 3 has been revealed as well, with the Fall Guys team asking its players to help them name it like they did with Big Yeetus. This time around, the giant lollipop-like bell has been appropriately named Ringus Dingus.

Shortly after that, The Game Awards revealed the full trailer for Season 3, which was very exciting for dedicated players. Based on the trailer, Fall Guys Season 3 will have a variety of winter-themed skins, such as a penguin, a snowman, and even a reindeer.

Speaking of penguins, these adorable creatures will make an appearance as a part of the game’s stages as well. Just like in the Tail Tag minigame, where players have to grab the tail of other players, it looks like Season 3 will feature a new minigame wherein players have to grab a penguin before they run out of time.

Since Season 3 is all about winter, it’s safe to assume that it will most likely implement the classic slippery ice mechanic that so many video games utilize. In addition, the trailer also implies that there will be new stages that involve snowballs or perhaps snowball fights.

In other exciting news, we’re happy to announce that Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout won Best Community Support during The Game Awards. It’s essentially an award that acknowledges Mediatonic for being transparent and responsive to its fans. Overall, the Fall Guys team has done a great job of reaching out to its community.

With Fall Guys Season 2 having ended just a few days ago, Season 3 is set to release this December 15, so mark your calendars for that.

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