Final Fantasy 16 Producer Teases That Upcoming Title Will Be “Action-Oriented”

Final Fantasy is one of those long-running franchises that has garnered a huge fanbase, with fans always ready and willing to wait for Square Enix to release another installment. This time around, players are looking forward to the release of Final Fantasy 16, which was first announced during last year’s PlayStation 5 showcase.

The game’s developer has been slowly revealing information about the upcoming title since then. Now, more details have been teased by Final Fantasy 16’s producer Naoki Yoshida, with him saying that the upcoming game will be “quite action-oriented.” However, there will be options available for those players who simply want to focus more on the story.

The Final Fantasy franchise has slowly shifted in genre throughout the years. The first 10 mainline titles were more turn-based JRPGs, which helped them achieve admirable graphics and visuals for their time. In the more recent years, Final Fantasy games have more or less turned into action-RPGs.


Square Enix first started experimenting with this kind of format with Final Fantasy 11, and it eventually became the standard for the next games that followed. One great example would be Final Fantasy 7 Remake, which has a gameplay that essentially looks and feels more similar to the Kingdom Hearts series than the original Final Fantasy 7 from 1997.

With that in mind, it appears that the next mainline entry in the series will be even more action-packed than fans thought. During a radio appearance, producer Naoki Yoshida talked about Final Fantasy 16 and mentioned that the upcoming game will heavily focus on action. This information was relayed by Gamestalk and translated by Gematsu.

It’s not hard to imagine that this newest entry will be action-packed, though. From the Final Fantasy 16 trailer itself, we can clearly see protagonist Clive Rosfield in combat, fighting similarly to the way Final Fantasy 15’s Noctis fought in the battlefield.

That said, Final Fantasy fans who were more fond of the gameplay of the classic titles may be disappointed by this news. Of course, this is understandable too—the older, turn-based Final Fantasy games had a certain appeal to them as well that this action-RPG format just can’t replicate.


On the bright side, Yoshida also said during the radio appearance that Final Fantasy 16 will have a gameplay mode that will allow players to focus more on the story, if that’s what they want. As such, fans who aren’t huge fans of action games and the thrill of combat can easily go through the motions of the game.

Based on this information, we assume that Final Fantasy 16 will feature some kind of casual mode that will have incredibly easy-to-kill enemies that will make it almost impossible to die in-game—or something to that effect. Perhaps the player character will have nearly unlimited health, or maybe some kind of regenerative ability. Of course, these are just speculations, and we’ll have to wait for Square Enix to reveal more information.

In other news, Final Fantasy players were thrilled to hear that Yoshida will be a part of the development of this 16th mainline game. After all, he played a huge role in reviving Final Fantasy 14 and turning it into one of the biggest MMOs in the industry today.

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