Fortnite Admits Impostor Mode Is Inspired By Among Us

For its obvious similarities to Among Us, Fortnite’s Impostors game mode has received a lot of criticism. Finally, Fortnite has given credit to Among Us for the mode and hinted at a possible collaboration with the popular game.

For the most part, Fortnite’s Impostors game mode was essentially a 3D version of Among Us. Players run around completing objectives while an Impostor begins killing them, leaving those who survive to convene meetings to figure out who the Impostor is and expel them from the game.

Innersloth, the developer of Among Us, was dissatisfied with Epic Games because of how similar the Impostors mode’s themes and terminology were to its game than the use of similar game mechanics. According to Innersloth, despite the success of Among Us, Epic Games and Fortnite are still much larger entities, leaving the indie studio feeling powerless to make any changes.


Epic Games finally credits Innersloth and Among Us for the Impostors game mode in the latest Fortnite update. The latest update’s announcement tweet specifically mentions Among Us, with Fortnite writing, “Impostors mode, inspired by the hit @AmongUsGame.”

This update adds new features to the Impostors mode, such as role bias, which allows players to search for games based on their agent versus impostor preference, and an open voice chat playlist. Unlike Among Us on mobile platforms, where voice chat isn’t as common, it makes sense for voice chat to be readily available for Fortnite, as many gamers play with a microphone.

But it doesn’t end there, as the official Among Us Twitter account responded to Fortnite’s post. Following a message exchange, Fortnite states, “We are huge fans! We never got to tell you how much you influenced us.

What do you think about working on a fun project together someday?” Among Us responds with a handshake emoji, “yessss have ur Agents contact our Crewmates.” A few months ago, a leak suggested that a Fortnite and Among Us crossover was in the works. Still, if this conversation is any indication, it appears that some sort of collaboration is definitely on the way.

While Epic Games’ battle with Apple does not appear to be coming to an end anytime soon, it is encouraging to see things settle between it and Innersloth. While Innersloth does not own the rights to its gameplay in Among Us, Epic Games went a little too close to the Impostors game mode from the start and should have made some more radical changes to make it its own thing truly.

However, it appears that the two companies are on good terms, which means that Fortnite and Among Us fans should be getting some fun crossover content in the future, whatever that may be. What about a Fortnite Crewmate skin?

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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