Time really does fly fast, doesn’t it? It seems only yesterday when gamers bid goodbye to the third season of “Fortnite’s” fourth chapter last August 25th, and now they are enjoying a brand-new season. 

Now with this brand-new season, “Fortnite” Chapter 4 Season 4, come leaks and rumors about the game’s perks and features. Some of them are new Reality Augments speculated to be unveiled in the game. Here are the details. 

New Reality Augments

A “Fortnite” leaker, who goes by the name iFireMonkey, recently revealed several new Reality Augments coming to “Fortnite” Chapter 4 Season 4 with its update update v26.10. These Augments provide players with more perks, which include healing abilities, mobility items, and extra damage. 

1. High Voltage

The first Augment leaked is High Voltage. This lets players gain 1 Business Turret and 2 Shield Beaker EMPs. The Shield Breaker EMP creates a solid, destructive burst on impact and damaging shields. It also turns off electronic devices in the area temporarily. This High Voltage Augment pairs with the leaked Shield Breaker EMPs, also rumored to be part of update v26.10.

2. Storm Chaser

The second Augment is called Storm Chaser. Storm Chaser has the capacity to reduce stamina drain when you sprint. It also further reduces stamina drain amidst a storm. Therefore, this could provide gamers with improved mobility and endurance when faced with challenging gameplay situations. 

3. Revamped Version Of Siphon

Also leaked is a revamped version of the Siphon Augment. What does this do? Well, this Augment heals 8 HP for each shot, offering players more health regeneration when they are engaged in battles. It is speculated that this Augment is connected to “Fortnite’s” upcoming event this Halloween, Fortnitemares.

More Reality Augments Rumored For Release This Halloween 2023

Aside from those Reality Augments discussed above, there are also other reality augments rumored to return this October. 

One is Halloween Candy, which will provide gamers with extra healing abilities. Then, there’s also Witch Brooms that can offer another mobility option as well. 

Epic Games, the developer behind “Fortnite,” has not yet confirmed the Halloween event, though. But, these leaked reality augments are absolutely giving players an exciting glimpse into what else “Fortnite” Chapter 4 Season 4 will unfold as they play the game. 

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