A new teaser video for Fortnite appears to hint that an Alien crossover of some kind is possibly arriving to the game. While developer Epic Games is sharing mysterious videos on Twitter, fans are steadily awaiting the free-to-play game’s next huge update, which is expected to go online this March in the form of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6.

Players are currently occupied with the Zero Point Battle Pass, an event that Galactus initiated at the end of Season 4 upon breaking open a Zero Point. The actions of villain Galactus set the stage for a flat-out pandemonium, effectively releasing multiverse destruction that witnessed areas from past events converge with locales in the game’s existing timeline.


Of course, multiple realities isn’t all that Chapter 2 Season 5 brought to the table – a myriad of unanticipated crossovers entered the mix as well. Characters such as Kratos from God of War were introduced to the game, for instance, alongside The Mandalorian and Master Chief from the Halo franchise. Now, it appears the exciting crossover content won’t soon come to an end.

Epic Games recently posted a rather mysterious clip on the official Twitter account of Fortnite which seems to be teasing upcoming Alien-themed content. The footage runs just 36 seconds in length and exclusively features audio of a person talking into a recording device.

Other than the space-focused references made throughout the short video, several more hints imply that Epic Games has an Alien crossover up its sleeve. For one, the person speaking says that the spaceship he is on appears to have technology dating back to 1986 – the same year James Cameron’s Aliens movie was released in theaters. The speaker also called the recording “Reality Log 426.” A Twitter user with the name Derpenstein23 mentioned that LV-426 can be associated with the Aliens movie franchise since it is the home of the Xenomorph types colony.

Naturally, fans are thinking if a Ripley skin is also on the way to Fortnite. The apparent LV-426 hint suggests Xenomorphs may also be making appearances in the game. Whatever lies ahead, the developers are certainly not yet ready to talk about specific details. More details might show up in the days ahead, though, given the impending launch of Chapter 2 Season 6.

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