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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is ending after almost a decade of operations, but not in a bad way. Valve has announced they will release the next Counter-Strike sequel, Counter-Strike 2. With many visual and gameplay changes, CS2 will run on Valve’s new Source 2 engine. In this article, we’ll uncover what CS2 matches will look like in the new landscape.

The Evolution Of CS Gameplay

Counter Strike’s Classic days were very nostalgic. Compared to what we have now, the graphics weren’t the best, and professional players would compete in LAN cafes for gaming gear. With the release of CSGO, the game’s graphics were significantly improved, and more and more players began investing their time in the game.

CSGO matches were streamed for the world to see, and CSGO tournaments featured millions of dollars in prize pools. Though this sounds amazing already, CSGO is just a stepping stone for what’s to come: Counter-Strike 2, where we are today.

With a thriving esports scene and millions of active daily players, CS2 will become a massive game in the esports industry, and we’re about to witness it shortly.

New Features and Technologies

The introduction of CS2 comes with new features. Let’s quickly go over some of the most notable changes.

Enhanced Graphics

One of the most notable changes from CSGO is the improvement of graphics and visuals. CSGO maps have been revamped in CS2 with lighting and visual changes, making the game more realistic and appealing. Enhanced graphics make CS2 more pleasing to play and, most importantly, to watch.

Change To MR12 Format

CS2 is changing its round format from MR15 to MR12. In CSGO, there would be 15 rounds per half, and a team would need 16 rounds to win. With MR12, there will be a maximum of 12 rounds per half and 13 rounds to win.

This format change makes CS2 games end faster and less time-consuming to play and watch. However, how the economy works in CS2 must be reevaluated to ensure the game is balanced with the new format.

New Grenade Mechanics

The most significant gameplay change is how new smoke grenades work in CS2. Smokes in CS2 are volumetric, meaning one-way smokes no longer exist in the game. Bullets and HE grenades can also cause smokes to fade temporarily, a new mechanic that we will see exciting strategies built around it.

Subtick System

The new subtick system is related to CS2’s server performance. In CSGO, Valve servers feature 64 ticks, while third-party servers could run at 128 ticks. Many players complained that 64 ticks aren’t enough for smooth gameplay. Valve has introduced a new subtick system in response to this big issue.

Unfortunately, the community is disappointed in this change, as the substick system felt choppy and made the game feel clunky. Fans wonder why Valve cannot just apply 128 ticks to their official servers, which would solve the issue.

What Will The Competitive Scene In CS2 Look Like?

CSGO has a thriving professional scene, which will have to transfer to CS2. What can we expect in the competitive scene once CS2 is officially released?

Retired Players Could Make A Return

With a new environment, CS2 is the perfect chance for retired CSGO players to get a fresh start and make a return. Legends of the game might come out of retirement and take another chance with the new game. Meanwhile, some of the current top CSGO teams have already begun focusing on practicing the new game to achieve great CS results when the game launches. Big CSGO names like GeT_RiGhT, olofmeister, and coldzera could easily make a comeback.

Professionals From Other Games Might Relocate To CS2?

Speaking of fresh starts, we can realistically see professional players from other first-person shooter games relocate to playing competitive CS2, most notably from Valorant. Lots of CSGO professionals migrated to Valorant during its launch, but not all of them have found success. We could expect these players to move back to try their luck in CS2.

Tournaments Will Become More Advanced

One thing fans can be assured about is that CS2 tournaments will become more advanced. Tournament organizers have had over a decade of experience from hosting CSGO tournaments. During all this time, TOs are constantly learning and improving their production, so by the time CS2 is released, we can expect to see well-hosted tournaments and CS2 live scores to bring us the best entertainment.

Potential For More Organizations To Invest?

CS2 is creating big waves in the esports world, so we may see large esports organizations invest in CS2 rosters in the future. CSGO’s professional scene has thrived for over a decade, so signing CS2 teams can be a safe investment.

Community Engagement and Future Prospects

What is the role of the community in shaping CS2’s development, and what potential updates and expansions can we expect from Valve?

Feedback From Casual Players

Generally, most casual CS2 players are enjoying the game. New graphics make the game more appealing, and new mechanics have made the game enjoyable. The new MR12 format is also highly appreciated, as CS2 matches are shorter, allowing casual players to fit in more matches in their gaming sessions.

Professional Player Concerns

Though casual players see CS2 as an absolute win, professional players have concerns. The movement in CS2 feels sloppy and clunky, which is a big problem if you play the game professionally.

What Updates To Expect?

With the movement in CS2 being a big problem, we can expect Valve to quickly fix it before the official launch and transition to the new game. Other than bug fixes, we can expect to see more revamped versions of maps being released in CS2.


Counter-Strike has gone a long way since it was released twenty years ago. Valve has tirelessly worked on improving and continuing the Counter-Strike franchise, and soon, Counter-Strike 2 will be launched for the whole world to play. We can expect new features and mechanics that will impact the competitive scene. However, CS2 is not perfect yet. Valve must listen to the community and professional players to ensure the game is balanced and ready for professional play.

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