Frostpunk: On The Edge Releases Final DLC

A few months ago, 11-Bit Studios announced On The Edge, the final DLC for the city management survival game Frostpunk. As such, players have been both excited and melancholic about the fact that after this release, they can’t expect any future ones.

On The Edge is the third expansion for Frostpunk, and this DLC finally lets you leave the confines of the city where you can create a better and brighter future for yourself. However, just because you get to venture outside of New London, this doesn’t mean you can entirely relax. After all, it’s still a survival game. This means you still have to consider the different ways you can survive.

You will also be faced with difficult decisions – should you be more trusting or be a skeptic? The choices you make will help you shape the story. Embedded below is the launch trailer:

Project Lead and Lead Game Designer, Jakub Stokalski, says the following about this ending:

“Frostpunk has been a long journey for us and for the players. Years of development and a ton of content released after the premiere, and now the final chapter comes in marking huge growth of the IP on both gameplay and narrative layers. Every expansion introduced new mechanics, twisting and enlarging the game, from the prequel story told in The Last Autumn to the after-storm events presented in the closing scenario – On The Edge.”

Some consider Frostpunk to be a pretty uncomplicated game, however, it can undoubtedly be a bit difficult for those who have a hard time multitasking. With On The Edge, though, players will be faced with an extra layer of difficulty. Not only will you have to manage tasks as well as manage the resources you have, the DLC you trading with other communities, among other things.

If you wish to add a twist to your Frostpunk experience, definitely consider downloading On The Edge. It is available for download on Steam, GoG, and the Humble Store.

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