Funganomics® has completed its first seed investment in advance of its presale. The conclusion of the financing round was announced on November 18th, and a private US investor provided the cash. This cash will be used to support the project’s hiring initiatives, software enablement, and extra technical infrastructure as it seeks to accelerate growth in the NFT and Play2Earn gaming spaces.

Since its inception, Funganomics® has been completely self-sufficient and self-funded. However, as the project grew in scope, the need for further funds became obvious, and it launched its first fundraising round.

“We took an independent approach in our initial startup by funding the project ourselves until now, and we are very pleased to have both a significant injection of new capital, as well as additional knowledge and experience that will assist the company in its aggressive growth goals over the coming months,” said Jeremy Roberts, CEO and Founder of Funganomics®.


What Exactly Is Funganomics®?

Funganomics® is committed to developing the next generation of backend gaming ecosystems to support the launch of current and future projects. Furthermore, Funganomics® will facilitate the distribution of third-party projects in the future since firms will be able to use the platform in their game creation processes.

The Ethereum-based solution also employs Binance Smart Chains’ BNB as its front-end token to significantly reduce gas prices, and it is a game-changer for Play2Earn games. Their ecosystem consists of Fungatopia® (NFT Platform), Fungality® (AR/VR Experiences), and FGS Games® (P2E Gaming), all of which work together to provide consumers with an exciting experience.

Funganomics® will give an engaging gaming experience through a mix of 3D multi-platform gaming and, over time, an immersive experience with their Virtual & Augmented Reality gaming experiences, focusing on web-based gaming. During gameplay, players will have complete control over their characters’ attacks, defenses, and distinctive techniques across a variety of captivating genres.


In addition, Funganomics® will provide mobile blockchain-enabled applications for system integration. This allows gamers who do not have access to a desktop computer or prefer mobile gaming to join in their environment. Players will be able to play on the move and make money at the same time.

Funganomics® is prepared to start its presale following a successful seed financing round. The presale will take place on November 30th, and investors will be able to purchase Funganomics® tokens at incredibly low costs. On December 16th, their first NFT character drop of 10,000 will occur.

After completing the initial presale and NFT drops, Funganomics® intends to pursue venture capital collaborations to go forward with its product portfolio roadmap.

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