There are now more reasons for avid fans of the animated series “Avatar: The Last Airbender” to rejoice, especially now that the first trailer of its game version, “Avatar Generations,” has finally been unveiled. It seems that some viewers will turn to be gamers, right?

This new “Avatar: The Last Airbender” game may have been first revealed in 2022, but it is only this week that Navigator Games and Paramount revealed its first-ever gameplay trailer. It shows off some turn-based combat previewed back when the game was first announced. It also showcases many familiar characters players can use when fighting elemental benders from various nations in the “Avatar” universe. 

“Avatar Generations is an upcoming mobile RPG set in the iconic Avatar: The Last Airbender universe, expanding to Avatars across generations, including The Legend of Korra and more!” the game’s preview said. “Create your own Team Avatar as you journey across the Four Nations, collecting all your favorite characters as you master the elements.”

Pre-registrations are now open

“Avatar Generations” does not have a set release date yet, unfortunately, but pre-registrations have already opened, with an iOS and Android launch to follow. 

Similar to other mobile games of this kind, players have been incentivized with various rewards to go ahead and pre-register for the “Avatar” game. These rewards include stuff like gold, stamina, and different kinds of tickets for characters like skipping things (perhaps also skipping wait periods), and “hero tickets,” which are assumed to be how the game distributes its characters, in part.

The signup page for “Avatar Generations” is here for Android users and here for iOS users.

Reactions from the community

As for the reactions from the gaming community, while others were elated by the first gameplay trailer, others seemed to have not been satisfied. Let’s take a look. 

A netizen from YouTube who goes by the username JERcycle wrote, “might have to do a first look stream, this looks dope!”

Meanwhile, ODSTRaven, also from YouTube, is amazed. They said, “This LOOKS AMAZING! I know we see the Gaang here but, are we expected to see Korra’s Team as well??? That’d be great”

“Avatar Generations made a smart choice for its narrative, letting players follow the story of Avatar: The Last Airbender in the turn-based mobile RPG,” Screen Rant wrote in a tweet

Despite the positive feedback, others are quite not satisfied with this news. 

Voscore, a netizen on YouTube, said, “look so terrible”

If you think that’s bad, wait until you hear the comment from Макс Бамбуков, also from YouTube. They said, “Itsa trash”

Meanwhile, netizen Yireh Ans said it “would be fun if they introduce a new avatar.” 

“Avatar Generations” will reportedly launch in early 2023.

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